Xian Ni Chapter 32 – Trades

ObligatoryTLNote: Double release banzai! Ok so like I said, my translations are not always accurate and may contain inaccuracies that may be discovered at a later time. I will be making notes at relevant places as and when I discover them, but if you, as a reader, at any time feel conflicting terminologies or inconsistency, feel free to call me out on it. I tend to lose track of the terminology *sometimes*, so I would be ever grateful for your help in that regard.

Over the next few days, during the time he was outside the dream space, Wang Lin was busy with storing melted snow, for fear of the LingQi overflowing he couldn’t use the large tanks, so he could only use the gourds, of which he had enough in quantity, within a few days he had accumulated hundreds of small gourds, he calculated that these gourds containing melted snow, should last him for a long time in the dream space.

After securing the gourds, Wang Lin started practice, using the bead-soaked spring water, although the effect reduced but by no means was it ineffective.

In a blink, ten days had passed, in these ten days, Wang Lin was drinking spring water, far more than in the past, this spring water was being decomposed into LingQi immediately after entering the body, otherwise, his stomach would have been unable to accommodate such large amounts of liquid.

The Second layer of the Concentrating Qi, requires LingQi several times that required by First layer, till date, Wang Lin in fact has been practicing in dream space for more than 9 months.

If before first layer, he practiced for 9 months incessantly, he would have had abundant LingQi, how would it be possible to achieve only modest success, but now, even though he feel more LingQi in his body, he still couldn’t achieve satisfactory results.

Today however, as it was the agreed upon day of meeting with Wang Hao, Wang Lin did not enter the dream space to practice, but was waiting for him to come, at midnight, as it began to snow outside, Wang Lin could sense Wang Hao coming.

Before long, Wang Hao, pushed open the door but did not step inside, out of breath he said: “My master delayed me, I managed to leave with great difficulty, come quickly, the trade fair must have begun.”

Then he hurriedly went out, and Wang Lin immediately followed.

The two marched in the snow for a while, walking out of the Sect entrance, walked along the mountain road deeper into the mountains.

At this point the road had become slippery, Wang Hao did not dare to go fast, cautiously moved forward, his body trembled as he whispered curses: “This damned devilish weather, snowing so much, if someone was to fall down, their ghost is going to seek justice.”

Wang Lin’s body was now quite lithe, and didn’t feel the share Wang Hao’s views, instead felt that the weather was quite good, and that after the trade fair is over, should be able to accumulate lots of melted snow.

After walking for a while, Wang Hao stopped and turned around to give Wang Lin, a mysterious green pill, and whispered: “Come quickly, I came to this place a few days before, it’s just a few bends away, we take pills first, and not let people discover identity.” [TLNote: For those who are confused by the sudden appearance of a green mysterious pill, Please re-read the segment regarding Hua Xing Hua Sheng Pill. Yes that is it’s full name, basically it’s a *SPOILER* Appearance transformation pill */SPOILER*]

Then he took out a similar pill, throwing it into his mouth, a rich black mist quickly spread out from his body, enveloping his whole body, and a hoarse voice came out from within the fog: “Well, are you able to recognize me?”

Wang Lin used soul search, is unable to probe out Wang Hao, with slightly nervous smile he said: “This immortal pill is really amazing!” Then he put his pill into his mouth, and a similar scene developed.

Two dark hazes, quickly walked towards the deeper parts of the mountain, after making a number of turns, a small road appeared leading to a large clearing.

The clearing is quite large, and dozens of dark hazes similar to Wang Lin standing crowded densely, each and every one of them being silent.

Wang Lin and Wang Hao having arrived late, found a vacant area, stood there motionless.

Soon, seeing that no one else was coming, one of the dark hazes stepped out and clearing his throat he said with a hoarse voice: “Time is up, this will be chaired by me, the rules are as usual, I was here first.” With that he pulled out a small silver sword and continued: “This flying sword is not from the Sword Spirit Pavillion, I chanced upon it accidentally, it’s power is acceptable, need 500 Talismans.”

Among the crowd of people multiple conversations began to occur, and after a while, one person appeared from the crowd and approaching the seller with 500 talismans, conducted the trade.

At that time, another person spoke up: “I have a lower grade Jade seal, can be used for three Earth Shattering spells, I only want ten spirit pills.” He quickly took out a sparkling jade seal, and displayed it prominently.

“I’ll trade!” A person not far away from Wang Lin quickly said, as he was moving forward, another person said: “I will give you twelve spirit pills in exchange for the Jade seal!”

The former hesitated before giving the latter a hard look, did not speak, he had thought that ten was the limit.

Soon, the scene became lively with people taking out things one after another, but some things due to high demand went to the highest bidder.

“I have a technique, as long as one is at the second layer of Concentrating Qi, can practice, after using can hide one’s level of practice for a short period of time, and unless somebody is at the stage of Constructing Base, is unable to detect, I know its a weak technique, its ok, I want only ten……. only five spirit pills.” A person spoke hesitantly.

The people began laughing, this technique, does not have even a single beneficiary effect, after all disciples depend entirely on their level of practice for their status, who would purposefully hide their level of practice, if it’s effect had been a long term then it would have been different, but its only short term, and it’s especially expensive, wants 5 spirit pills.

Seeing nobody interested, the person who spoke, sighed, began to move on, when suddenly Wang Lin stepped forward and said: “Five spirit pills, I will trade!”

The person stunned in surprise, quickly stepped forward and traded.

Holding the spell recorded on the Jade scroll, Wang Lin hadn’t ever seen such a thing, using soul search on it, suddenly the chants appeared in his mind.

This technique is not very useful for others, but for him, it is very useful, although can hide level of practice for only a short time, so not exactly perfect.

At this time, another person, in a husky tone but high posture, said proudly: “Zoahua pill, inviting offers!”

Wang Hao became excited immediately, quickly said: “20 Spirit Pills!”

“A thousand Immortal Talismans, plus a flying sword!”

“Two thousand Immortal Talismans!”

“30 Spirit Pills along with 500 Immortal Talismans.”

“One Low grade Jade seal, one flying sword, ten spirit pills, and 500 Immortal Talismans!”

Loud cries of people calling out quotations, apparently people attached great importance to this Zaohua pill. Wang Lin heard from Wang Hao, that this Zaohua pill, is a very precious pill, after intake, the effect remains in the body for two months, the speed of LingQi absorption increases several times, and a lot of disciples dream of using it to break through their current layer into the next layer of Concentrating Qi.

This pill, even within sects, is extremely rare, and each disciple gets only two chances in a lifetime to obtain it normally, once when he ascends to black robes gets one pill, and once when he ascends to purple robes, gets two pills.


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