Xian Ni Chapter 31 – Snow Water

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok before you go ahead and read, I would caution you that today’s chapter may contain slightly more than usual translation errors, I would be editing it later to make it more accurate. Also, after discussing it with Goodguyperson from Gravity translations, I have decided to revert back to “Gravity technique” instead of “Force technique”. I will be editing the previous chapters soon. I apologize for the confusion. I will be making a note next chapter detailing all the revisions though. Anyways, enjoy.

UPDATE: Just edited in some parts, much thanks to Goodguyperson for doing the editing and tlc of certain segments. In particular, there is no monthly tournament, it was bad TL on my part.

Wang Lin looking casual asked: “How many do you want?”

Wang Hao hesitated before saying: “I am only in need of 200 talismans!”

“So many? What do you want to use them for?” Wang Lin was startled, but even so he could easily give out 200 talismans, in the past few months, he had received 500 talismans as bribe.Wang Hao sighed deeply, and with a bitter face, said: “Tie Zhu, there are only two months before the year end competition, although I have the qualifications to participate, but I don’t possess the ability to get a good placement, but I am unwilling to let it go, that Wang Zhuo guy has reached the peak of the first layer of Concentrating Qi, I heard that he is trying to unlock the second layer now.”

“How is his rate of practice so fast?” Wang Lin hadn’t seen Wang Zhuo for quite a long time, and now hearing about it was quite surprised, secretly thought that talent is really important!

Wang Hao scoffed and said: “Brother Tie Zhu, You cut straight to the core, the fair does have a rule, in fact, in order to be eligible to participate in the fair, you must have one Hua Xing Hua Sheng pill, one can only take this pill after he has reached the Constructing Base phase, or else it would be useless.” [TLNote: Sheng means sound, noise, Xing means form, Hua means change into]

Wang Lin nodded, wondering he said: “How is it related to you wanting Talismans?”

“Of course there is a relationship, you don’t stay in touch with others much so you don’t know, one month before the annual tournament, the disciples will secretly launch a mini-fair, and they put out their treasures for mutual trade in order to prepare for the competition. I heard several elders talking who said that the fair had a lot of useful things like, flying swords, magic weapons, immortal pills, etc.” Wang Hao whispered with his eyes lit up.

Wang Lin hearing this got excited immediately, he wasn’t concerned with flying sword and magic weapons, but was more concerned about getting Concentrating Qi chants, taking advantage of this opportunity, perhaps he might be able to trade, pondering for a while, he said: “How are the True Disciples able to ensure that their transactions with each other are sincere?”

Wang Hao scoffed and said: “Brother Tie Zhu, You cut straight to the core, the fair does have a rule, in fact, in order to be eligible to participate in the fair, you must have one sheng pill, one can only take this pill after he has reached the Constructing Base phase.” [TLNote: Sheng means sound, noise, etc.]

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed as he said: “You want to borrow immortal talismans, just to get this concoction?”

Wang Hao was stunned, nodding he said: “Tie Zhu is very clever. Yes, the pill monopolized by my master and at this time of the year, he privately sells them for a clearly marked price of 200 immortal talismans each. ”

Wang Lin pondering a little, said: “This fair is very interesting, and I want to see it.”

Wang Hao said hastily: “Yes, as long as one has a pill, he is able to attend, this time I was able to get a Zaohua pill, I even heard that some of the disciples are selling them!” [TLNote: Zaohua means reborn/luck etc.]

Wang Lin with a flick of his hand, pulled out from the storage bag 400 immortal talismans, these talismans he had tied up in bundles of a 100 each.

Wang Hao’s eyes lit up, hurriedly taking the talismans into his storage bag, excitedly said: “Tie Zhu, after about half a month, I will come look for you and we will go together.”

Wang Lin nodded, and after some small talk, Wang Hao set out after saying goodbye.

After he left, Wang Lin thought for a moment, he attached great importance to this fair, if he is able to find Concentrating Qi chants, he must get them.

But he had nothing of value left, after all the immortal talismans were used up to buy pills, thinking for a long time, he decided to get some LingQi spring water, that should appear fairly valuable. [TLNote: New name for bead-soaked spring water]

He has the help of the immortal pill anyways, unlikely that someone will be able to identify the spring water.

Having made up his mind, Wang Lin no longer thought about it, the time interval between accesses to the dream space wasn’t finished yet, so could not enter. Wang Lin began to practice Gravity technique on the big stone in front of the chores office.

This Gravity technique, in the dream space he had practised no less than ten thousand times, increasing his proficiency to very high, if controlling gourd he succeeds ten out of ten times, usually he could control the technique to form a hand, and grab some small objects from a distance through that hand.

But if the size is too big, then the success rate goes down, but with the growth of the amount of LingQi in his body, especially after entering the second layer of Concentrating Qi, the potential of the Gravity technique began to show.

Wang Lin practiced with the stone for a few hours, it had become dark outside, still snowing, Wang Lin didn’t enter the dream space immediately, but stood at the door, staring at the snowflakes lost in thought.

A month before, when he had just entered the second layer of Concentrating Qi, Wang Lin had ran into a problem, the effect of LingQi spring water had reduced, although the reduction was not that big, but it gave him a trace of anxiety.

He feared that as he moved upwards in Concentrating Qi layers, the effect would decrease, and one day, the LingQI spring water would become ineffective.

“In terms of efficiency, the Dew of the Mysterious bead is better than spring water, but the collection is extremely slow, not enough to use, and does not form in winters. Only this spring water was simple, practical and able to be taken constantly, if the spring water really became ineffective one day, then it is better to schedule ahead and prepare alternatives.” Wang Lin mumbled, staring at the ground covered with thick snow, his eyes flashing.

Moving his hands slightly, used the Gravity technique, and the big chunks of snow lying on the ground, flew up and floated into the large tank in the room like a Snow Dragon.

A moment later, he had accumulated half a tank’s worth of snow, Wang Lin finished the Gravity technique and came next to the large tank, and using one-handed pinch , he tried a dozen times, finally succeeding in creating a fireball the size of a baby’s fist, the fireball exuding high temperature caused the snow to melt.

After it all melted, Wang Lin wiped the sweat from his forehead, using two different spells in a row, was giving him difficulty.

Not much of the snow was left in the large tank, Wang Lin took out the mysterious bead and threw it inside, waited for 10 minutes before taking it back again.

He had researched the mysterious bead thoroughly and found out that while soaking the mysterious bead  in spring water, ten minutes was the limit, even if he tried to soak for a longer duration, the effect would be the same no matter for how long he soaked.

Scooping some of the water, he took a sip, his eyes closed, he carefully observed the LingQi in his body, a moment later, opened his eyes and whispered: “It’s more effective than spring water, but it is still less than dew, I can use this!”

He immediately took out many gourds from his storage bag, one by one, he had collected quite a lot in the past six months. He spent the whole night, and cleaned up all the snow in the yard, had been able to fill up only half of the bottle gourds.


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