Xian Ni Chapter 30 – Wang Hao

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“Could it be that they want me to be even more excessive?” Wang Lin in order to get away from the chores office, was ready to throw caution to the wind, he wanted to see where the limits of the Elders lay.

In private, the secret disciples who frequently used the two words trash and shameless, with regard to Wang Lin, added another name “Black Heart Wang”! [TLNote: Other possible translations for the name are Ruthless Wang, Vicious Wang, Wang without a conscience, Hateful Wang, and so on]

The number of people calling him that compared to those calling Liu Xing as “Yellow weasel” was significantly higher. [TLNote: I had trouble with this sentence, but since it is not plot relevant I hope you forgive this mistranslation]

Wang Lin practicing in dream space for about an year, the LingQi in his body was several times to the amount he had before, had reached the limit of the first layer of Concentrating Qi, and no matter how much he tried breathing practice, he couldn’t increase his LingQi any further, then one night, he began using the chant to open the second layer.

After failing for several times in a row in the past, his hard work had now paid off, he had finally managed to break through the Concentrating Qi first layer and entered the second layer.

A large amount of grease oozed out of the numerous sweat pores all over his body, Wang Lin after washing himself in the water, looked at his image in the water, his eyes shining bright like lightning, he looked quite different from how he had once been in the past.

He rubbed his chin in contemplation as he thought: “Right now, in order to get the chant to unlock Concentrating Qi third layer, if I go back to Sun DaZhu and let him know that I have reached the second layer, he will ask the reason, and if my explanation clashes with my past excuses, I will definitely end up in trouble.”

For a long time, finding himself unable to come up with any good idea, Wang Lin couldn’t help but frown.

Sighing, he practiced Gravity technique, he was able to reach the level of succeeding ten times out of ten possible attempts, in light of that, Wang Lin wanted to increase the intensity of his training, at the chores office looked for a large stone, and used the gravity technique to try and control it.

Time flew by, and after a month, Wang Lin’s tormenting through chores, had caused the secret disciples to complain, but since winter had now arrived, all the disciples in the sect had begun to prepare for the upcoming end of the year tournament.

Moreover, this year is special because Heng Yue Sect allows secret disciples to participate in the tournament, this happens every ten years and is to happen this year, the top three secret disciples are allowed to become true disciples, each and every one of the secret disciples was polishing his fighting skills, while developing secret plans ready to erupt like a storm.

As regards the chores, they got delayed, nobody cared much.

Wang Lin was quite disappointed, he didn’t want to participate in this tournament of disciples, in that time he might as well practice in dream space which will benefit him greatly.

That day, the entire Heng Yue mountain was covered with snow, feather-like snowflakes fell from the sky, and the snow giving the mountain a silvery-white appearance, snow could be seen everywhere.

Wang Lin did not practice, but instead stood quietly in the yard, using gravity technique to move, it was as if an invisible hand moved around like a chaotic wave, the snowflakes dispersed from around his body, not a single flake on his floating body.

Looking in the direction of his home, this time of the year, his parents would have raised a nice and warm stove.

He would be sitting beside the stove reading, his father would be doing carpentary nearby, his mother would be busy preserving and storing pickles.

Sometimes when he would get tired of reading, he would just sit beside his father, watching him do carpentary, would immediately feel his spirit rise, and offer to help, a happy moment between a father and a son.

Besides that, Wang Lin would also remember the bed in his room, where he would hide wooden tops, and take them out on a snow day to play with the neighbouring kids.

Remembering the memories, Wang Lin couldn’t help but let out a deep sigh, one needs to cut off all his relations with the mortal world otherwise it affects the focus on cultivation, Wang Lin closed his eyes and opened them again, he could clearly see the layer upon layer of his relations with the mundane world, but he knew that he cannot heartlessly cut himself off so he had kept these feelings deep buried in his heart.

Thinking about the positive memories, he suddenly fretted, after reaching the second layer of the Concentrating Qi, resulted in production of Immortal Soul Instincts, the scroll on Concentrating Qi had a detailed description on it.

Sensing with his soul, he came to know that Wang Hao was coming here, a moment later, the gates to the yard opened and dressed in a fur coat and fur hat, Wang Hao looked astonished at Wang Lin and said: “Brother Tie Zhu, don’t you feel cold, standing outside wearing so little.”

“I had guessed that I would find you here, so had to endure this cold to come meet you, ah” Wang Lin chuckled, he did not feel the cold, ever since he had reached the second layer of Concentrating Qi, he could feel his body to be much stronger than ever.

Wang Hao laughed, and taking his hat off, he looked carefully at Wang Lin, before suddenly saying: “Brother Tie Zhu, Why do you look so different from when I saw you few months ago?”

Wang Lin quipped: “It is natural, I have now reached the second layer of Concentrating Qi, and now can be classified as a Saint!”

Wang Hao curled his lip, and walked toward the room before saying: “Don’t bullshit, we both have the same level of talent, I received the assistance of spirit pills, and still haven’t reached the first layer, and You? Forget it!”

Wang Lin didn’t give any excuse, he knew that sometimes even the truth is not believed by people, and on the contrary, if attempts to cover it up with lies, it leads to suspicion. After all his friendship with Wang Hao is not too deep, he would naturally be on his guard in conversation with him.

Familiarity at first sight, a thing like that was already considered impossible by Wang Lin.

“Wang Hao, how did you find the time to come now, don’t you have work at the DanFang?” Wang Lin returning into the room and pouring a cup of hot water asked.

Wang Hao took the cup, and sipping a small gulp after blowing the hot air for a while, he said smilingly: “You haven’t been visiting the DanFang to receive your share, so I brought it to you today.” saying so he pulled out a small packet from his bosom and put it on the table.

Wang Lin had a faint smile on his face, didn’t even bother to glance at the parcel and continued looking at Wang Hao, he didn’t believe that Wang Hao would come down here just for this.

Wang Hao blushed a bit before saying suddenly: “Brother Tie Zhu, I heard that you have been living quite comfortably in the chores office in the past few months?”

“Wang Hao, if you need help speak frankly, I will be glad to help!” Wang Lin poured water for himself, maintaining a neutral expression showing neither approval nor disapproval.

A colour of embarassment flashed past Wang Hao’s face as he came close to Wang Lin’s face and whispered: “Brother Tie Zhu, I have always known that you were a wise man, to tell you the truth, I know that you have quite a big collection of immortal talismans used to sending people home, can you lend me some?”


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