Xian Ni Chapter 29 – Locked Door

ObligatoryTLNote: Since this chapter was so closely related to the previous, I just had to release them the same day. So, enjoy the shenanigans.

Also, I would like to thank Goodguyperson from Gravity Translations for helping me out by TLCing/Editing certain segments of the chapter that I was having difficulty with.

He hardly had any time to speak, when someone near him immediately spoke angrily: “Zhao Xiao’er, you were happy when Senior Wang was being ridiculed, Senior Wang you don’t need to listen to him, he had ridiculed you more than anyone else.”

“Zhao Xiao’san, I’m your brother, you dare bite the hand that feeds you, fucking dog, wait until we return to the room and look how I beat you up!” Zhao Xiao’er face had changed as he said angrily. [TLNote: Zhao Xiao’san and Zhao Xiao’er are brothers with er=second and san=third or so i presume.]

“I call this placing righteousness above one’s own family, Senior Wang, you are kind and benevolent, give me an easy task.” [TLNote: Idiom at the start is self explanatory, but it basically means Justice at cost of even the family]

“Senior Wang, you shouldn’t listen to them, they are good at echoing each other, I don’t know how many secret disciples said bad things about you, Senior, but it is a fact that I didn’t say anything bad about you from the start to the finish, and knew you are a good person.”

“Senior Wang, I, Junior sister, have always been suffering from poor health, cannot do heavy work, but I can give you shoulder massages every night, okay.” Said a quite pretty female secret disciple, in a delicate and charming manner.

Heng Yue Sect secret disciples, there are very few women, less than one tenth, after all in the perseverance test, males have comparative advantage.

Female secret disciples being rare, naturally all the stars cup themselves around the moon, and are welcomed extremely well, some by virtue of their talent, even acquire large fandoms.

Then another woman while giving a coquettish look to Wang Lin, spoke in a flirtatious voice: “Senior Wang, Senior Liu didn’t assign me any heavy task or labor and only told me to go in every day in the evening to serve him. I am familiar with the other female students and in the evening I bring them along with me to see you, good enough?”

Everyone was eager to tell Wang Lin how they didn’t ridicule or mock him, after listening to them for a while, Wang Lin had gotten impatient and shouted: “Just shut up, what a hideous mess.”

With that, he selected a man and said: “You, fetch water, 20 large tanks a day! If not satisfied, go to the Elders!”

The man was shocked, his body quivered and his mouth left open as he hesitated to make excuses, but upon seeing Wang Lin’s impatient expression, immediately forced a smile and nodded.

“You, do the laundry, wash 500 jin a day. Remember, if not satisfied, go to the Elders!” The person Wang Lin was pointing at, had almost fainted, his mouth murmured: “500 jin, which is the total of all the clothes in the entire sect…….”

“You, you are responsible for cleaning up the entire Sect! Again, if not satisfied, go to the Elders!”

“You, clean the toiler, if I see so much as a fly inside, then you will be the one living in it.”

“You go pick herbs, 500 jin a day, and If I see you trying to increase weight by picking weed, then I will expel you from the Sect! Listen carefully, if not satisfied, go to the Elders!” Although other people despite heavy loads, had endured but the person selected this time, had fainted right away.

All the secret disciples had a pitying look on their face, 500 jin worth of herbs, afraid that there are insufficient herbs even in all of Heng Yue mountains.


Wang Lin assigned work relying on his memory to identify the people who had mocked him, pointing out the secret disciples one by one and assigned them tasks at will, he does not dislike repetitive tasks, when he was able to finally finished, he hesitated a bit before thinking that these tasks, are impossible for them, except for seeking out Elder, they have no other option but if the Elders remain unmoved, then that would be vexing, just in case, I’d better make bigger noise, so as to let everyone know that if Wang Lin is left to supervise chores office, then it would definitely be a big mistake.

Thinking so, he pointed to a new face, and said: “You’re lucky, your task is very simple, it is to accept gifts on my behalf, make aΒ  list of names, who all gave and how much, deliver everything that you receive to me every few days, you will have to drop everything at the designated place, I will come around on the first of every month to check and if you get greedy, I will expel you from the Sect.”

The secret dsiciple immediately knelt and kowtowed, muttering the phrases said to him again and again to ensure that he had remembered them correctly and that there was no mistake.

All the secret disciples were stunned, Liu Xing had been very secretive about this matter, but this Wang Lin, is so blatant with bribes.

Then a secret disciple suddenly stepped forward, took out three immortal talismans used to visit home, from his bosom, lifting them delicately, he said in a flattering tone: “Senior Wang, this lowly person gives these to you as a mark of respect.” [TLNote: He uses a very polite method of referring to Wang Lin]

Wang Lin snorted, taking the talismans into his bosom, said: “What work did I arrange for you just a moment ago?”

“Fetching water, twenty large tanks in a day!” The man said quickly, his eyes revealing his nervousness.

“Five large tanks in a day now!” Wang Lin said casually.

The man surprised, thanked him over and over again.

Seeing someone take the lead, the rest of the people immediately started coming forward, Wang Lin leisurely stood up and said: “Disperse, if anyone wants to give me a present then must follow the rules, you must write down the description of the job you are assigned and what task you want, and give it to the person I have designated, once every ten days!”

With that said, he went straight back into his room, and slammed the door shut.

Everyone in the yard let out a sigh of relief, some were bearing expressions of resentment, some were cursing Wang Lin, but no one dared criticize him directly, shrugging, they all left one by one.

Once they were gone, Wang Lin went out of the room, carefully searched the entire chores office premises, behind the premises found a desolate looking door leading to a utility room.

The utility room was small, Wang Lin carefully sized it up, although not quite satisfied, but this place was covert enough to be hidden from plain sight, so he began clearing up the place, after which he locked the door before sitting down cross-legged and entered the dream space.

Time flew by in an instant, Wang Lin had been responsible for handing out chores for two months now, these two months, not counting the time wasted during the initial few days in arranging tasks for secret disciples, he had been practicing, as for overseeing the secret disciple’s work, he didn’t care, as long as they didn’t finish the tasks, he would let out cold snorts and a few humphs, which usually led to the erring secret disciple obediently offering Immortal Talismans.

Wang Lin in these past two months, had remained very disturbed, his practice had been regularly disturbed by secret disciples, he could not guess why even after going to such an extent, the Elders did not arrive to substitute some other person in his place.


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