Xian Ni Chapter 28 – Chores

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok, for those who know me, know that if I find an interesting chapter I try to get it to you even at the cost of making bonus chapters. So, yea, this is one of the chapters which I was looking forward to but didn’t realize when it was coming. So, once I started doing it, I knew i had to get it out ASAP. So, here it is enjoy and remember: Heaven’s net is wide but its mesh is fine and no one escapes it.

Purple, Black, White, Red, and the Black colour represents very high strength, Wang Lin couldn’t sense the youth’s level of practice, so respectfully said: “Wang Lin greets Senior Zhang, congratulations on your promotion to Black, Senior.”

The Black-clad Youth glanced at Wang Lin, and said in a relaxed tone: “I had succeeded in entering Concentrating Qi, fifth layer months ago, well if I hadn’t gone out to find you and found the cave, then it might have taken me much longer to break through, so I guess you helped me out somewhat.”

Wang Lin was stunned: “Senior Zhang, the cave on that cliff has suction force, but does it also help in practice?”

Black-clad Youth nodded and said: “When you reach the peak of fourth layer, and unlock the fifth layer through its chant, you can also go there, and at that time you will feel its effect”. With that said, he glanced at Wang Lin, and said: “Junior Wang, your talent is mediocre, this kind of thing is not by any choice of yours, but since you have now become a true disciple, you need to practice hard, I see that your body doesn’t have even the slightest amount of LingQi, apparently you haven’t even reached the first layer, i fear that currently among the true disciples only you haven’t reached it.”

Wang Lin was stunned, but on the surface he smiled bitterly and said: “I will take Senior’s teachings to heart, and will practice harder.” after that he changed the subject and said: “I am actually unaware of why Senior Zhang has come here, What’s the matter?”

The black-clad youth chuckled, and said: “Nothing important, actually the person responsible for handling chores for secret disciples has gone missing and someone saw you meeting him the same day, so I thought I might as well ask you.”

Wang Lin maintaining neutral expression, laughed and frankly said: “I might have a clue regarding that, although I usually don’t go to the chores office, but when I was passing by the office about half a month ago, he passed rude remarks regarding me, I merely taught him a lesson, but perhaps he took it too hard, and fearing that I might really get him into trouble, he himself ran away I guess.”

Senior Zhang nodded slightly and with a faint smile glanced at Wang Lin and said: “Indeed a true disciple is a target of envy for secret disciples, seniority is irrelevant, today I came here because, the Head of the Sect and the several Elders, decided that the chores office should not be held by a secret disciple, and a responsible true disciple must be arranged to go there and handle things, but currently nobody is willing to go there as everyone is busy with practice.”

Wang Lin, smiled and said: “I understand that this work is being given to me.”

Senior Zhang smiled and nodded before saying: “For today you would have to tidy up the place, the Chores office is a mess, so go there and clean it up good.”

With that, he shook hands with Wang Lin, then turned around with a step, a small sword appeared beneath his feet, and soon only a rainbow was left at the place where he was, as he had disappeared without even a shadow.

Wang Lin’s face revealed his helplessness and frustration, he didn’t want to go, as many people come and go at the chores office, and his secret would be easily discovered, moreover due to the large amount of routine tasks to be completed, it will seriously affect the practice time, but can’t do anything about it now, so he returned to the room packed up his stuff and arrived at the chores office.

After he arrived, he had already made up his mind, to completely and utterly screw up things here at the chores office, so that the secret disciples would have no option but to request the Head of the Sect, to substitute another person in his place.

With that idea in mind, Wang Lin tidied up Liu Xing’s belongings in the room as well as the bed and table, he threw out all the useless things into the yard.

By the time he had finished, several secret disciples had arrived at the office, they had come to know that Wang Lin had succeeded Liu Xing in taking over the post, they all were uneasy as they knew that they all had mocked and ridiculed him, looking pale they stood with their heart thumping in anxiety.

They all thought that they would probably be order by Wang Lin to help clean up, as Wang Lin came out and stared at all of them standing obediently in the yard, there was a frightening silence.

Having finished tidying up, Wang Lin leisurely took out a chair to sit down, and calmly watched the crowd of a hundred secret disciples standing in front of him, he knew that there are many secret disciples in Heng Yue Sect, and this was only a small fraction of it, every day, many disciples will come to be handed over daily tasks.

“You, you will be chopping firewood, 500 jin a day!” Wang Lin randomly order a person who he remembered among those who had mocked him.

The man hesitated and immediately said in a distressed tone: “Senior Wang, I…….I only worked in kitchen before, only know how to prepare food, cannot chop firewood.”

Wang Lin rolled his eyes, and snorted before saying: “Your task is now Increased to 1000 jin a day”

The man immediately knelt down on the ground and starting sobbing before shouting: “Senior Wang, please show mercy, I know that I was wrong, I shouldn’t have ridiculed you, but you shouldn’t use your office to avenge private wrongs, I…..I…..I would never be able to finish 1000 jin firewood, ah, maybe I can try with 500 jin.”

Others started looking at each other, they had thought that Wang Lin would create difficulties for them, but they never expected that he would make it this difficult, this is clearly vindictive.

Several disgruntled secret disciples in the crowd immediately started shouting: “Guys, don’t listen to him, we shall go to the Elder, we shall ask Elders for justice, this Wang Lin is too messed up!”

“Yea, we shall go to the Elders, and ask them to substitute in another disciple instead of him, even if not changed, then we refuse to kneel!”

“Yes, let us go, no need to stay here, this Wang Lin’s expression is definitely that of a villain who has just had his dream come true, he has forgotten that he had to rely on suicide to even enter the Sect, he’s really a fucking disgrace!”

As the clamor grew more and more intense, abuses were hurled one by one, and leaving behind only ten people in the yard, the crowd bearing looks of grievance, walked toward the academy, shouting all the way that they seek justice, and the removal of Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was sitting leisurely in his chair, did not stop them, he was in fact hoping for them to succeed, so that the Head of the Sect, comes here and substitutes another person in his place, so that he could calmly return to practice.

The ten people left behind, were all hesitating, they wanted to leave too but were worried that if they left then it would gravely offend Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t care much, but soon the secret disciples who had left for the academy returned with despondent looks on their faces one by one, disheartened by their failure, this time they no longer clamored but in their despair reflected in their eyes, remained silent.

Wang Lin with only a look at their face, knew that they didn’t succeed, disappointed he thought that he needs to do something big in order to grab attention of Elders, he clenched his teeth and with his eyes swept over the crowd before saying: “You all had secretly mocked me, so listen to me clearly, I will have my revenge now, if you have any grievance, go seek the Elders, if anyone is able to get me replaced, I will thank that person.”

“Senior Wang, you are a magnanimous senior, have mercy on us.” The secret disciples immediately started begging for mercy.

“Yes, Senior Wang, we are dogs and were blind, if you have mercy on us, I……..I will kowtow to you.”

“Senior Wang, they all said things behind your back, but I didn’t say anything, I initially also tried to defend you, I……”


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