Xian Ni Chapter 27 – Visit (Real)

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok, Happy April Fools? I guess? Well, both hiatus and the thugged up chapter did drag a bit too long, for that I sincerely apologize. I know I can’t make good the pain/annoyance of being on the receiving end of such antics but I promise to make good on them anyway, sometime in the near future. And that is something I determined even before I even set out on this little group mischief. I admit it was fun coordinating with all every one cutting across the lines of different groups.

On a serious note, moving on to this particular chapter: Would like to give due credit to and thank Goodguyperson from Gravity Translations for helping me out and editing some problematic sentences.

P.S. The problem with calling out to people that April fools was already over is that there are multiple timezones which makes things complicated.

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    Wang Lin looked at Zhang Hu’s back, after a long sigh, he felt sad holding the yellow paper in his hand, Zhang Hu was his first friend in Heng Yue Sect, but now, such a thing has happened.”This is the curse of Immortal Talismans!” Wang Lin looked at the yellow paper in his hands, immediately found it to be different, this yellow paper although is similar in appearance to the Immortal Talismans used to send secret disciples back home, but it contains far more LingQi than is present in an ordinary talisman, in addition to that, it exudes a dangerous aura, Wang Lin was startled, although didn’t know what it was but knew that it was definitely a treasure.

Slightly hesitant, Wang Lin put away the yellow paper, looking at the corpse he sighed, if the body is not disposed of, then Zhang Hu considering his speed, would find it difficult to escape Heng Yue Sect.

The storage bag has enough space to stow the corpse in it, Wang Lin tidied up the room and removed the bloodstains before quietly leaving the scene, and finding a mountain stream deep in the mountains, threw the corpse in it and returned to the room.

Letting out a sigh, he didn’t want to think of Zhang Hu, but he nevertheless pulled out the Immortal Talisman and tried to examine it.

This Immortal Talisman on preliminary observation seems to be like just another talisman used by secret disciples to go home, but Wang Lin observed closely, and found that with regard to its material as well as the red strokes on it, both far exceed the quality of a normal talisman.

Wang Lin holding the Immortal talisman, pondered a little, he didn’t know the specific utility of this talisman, and since the day he nearly died after consuming too much dew, he had been extra cautious with regard to immortal things, and didn’t dare act rashly.

In addition to that, the dangerous aura that was being emanated from the talisman, made him extra cautious, thus carefully, he put the the Immortal Talisman back in the storage bag, leaving it aside for examining on some other day.

With that done, he took out the mysterious bead, and entered the dream space.

This time, he didn’t focus his energy on breathing, instead took some time to practice Force technique.

After the matter with Liu Xing, this Force technique felt quite useful to Wang Lin, and thus with great determination, he started practising it non-stop.

He first used the Gourd as a target for the technique, using the force technique grabbed the gourd which was very light, he was able to lift it up after several attempts,  was able to succeed once for a short while, after succeeding, Wang Lin stopped the technique immediately and started over from the beginning once more.

Wang Lin’s idea was simple, he thought that he must be able to use Force technique freely, if attempt ten times then must succeed ten times, after all, even if it has big potential what use if it cannot help out in a critical moment.

He calculated that as things stood, he could only succeed 3-4 times in 10 possible attempts, and is far from his desired mastery of the technique.

Time flew by in the dream space, Wang Lin wasn’t aware of it, and the body tearing pain arrived bringing him back to reality, he didn’t waste time but opened his eyes immediately, drank a few mouthfuls of bead-soaked spring water and started doing breathing practice and after reaching a sufficient level of Lingqi, he took a deep breath, his eyes flashed, and in his mind echoed the contents of the Concentrating Qi scroll.

The scroll on Concentrating Qi, in addition to describing the method of reaching each layer, also describes true crucial chants.

These chants, are the real key to Concentrating Qi; there are a total of fifteen layers in Concentrating Qi. Besides the first level that can be achieved through training, the remaining fourteen levels need their own chants to being training.

For example, he was at the first layer of Concentrating Qi, if he doesn’t use the second layer’s chant, then even if he manages to master the method of practising to the second layer, will forever languish in only the first layer.

Wang Lin started silently reciting the chants, the Lingqi present in the body immediately started changing, the change was minor at first, but the longer it went on, the more intense the changes got and soon it became like boiling water, scattering in all parts of the body.

Gradually, the LingQi appeared to be obviously insufficient and dispersed throughout his body with various types of feelings starting to emerge in his body, itching, aches, pain, he briefly felt as if his whole body had been riddled with gaping wounds. He realized that his LingLi is the root cause behind all this. [TLNote: LingLi means Spiritual Force/Power/Strength]

Concentrating Qi three segments book, placed special emphasis on one particular fact.

Success is by no means guaranteed in the use of chants to unlock layers, talent, lingqi, destiny, all play a key role. Some people may succeed in one attempt, some may need ten, while some may take hundreds…..

After a long time, the multitude of feelings slowly dissipated, Wang Lin was soaked with sweat, Lingqi had totally dissipated from his body, but Wang Lin had understood from the book, that the loss is only temporary and can be recovered by meditation.  Although he failed to open the second layer, Wang Lin didn’t lose heart, this time he only tried it out, turns out that the current level of LingQi in his body is insufficient to open the second layer.

After all, he had only recently passed through the first layer, he was in no big hurry, since he had the bead-soaked spring water at hand, he has been practicing the first layer so far, once he reaches the limit of LingQi for the first layer, he could try again for the second layer, and consequently, the success rate would improve by a lot.

With this intent, Wang Lin began practising day and night. The LingLi within his body gradually accumulated, even the success rate of the Force technique improved.

He tried using the chant to open the second layer many times during this period, but unfortunately he failed every time.

After half a month in real time, actually three months in dream space later, Wang Lin doing breathing practice while waiting out the interval between dream space access, seeing that there is still time before his next access, he hesistated a bit before immediately reciting the chant to open the second layer, ready to try again.

He had lost count of how many times he had tried, each time in the end the LingQi in the body had dissipated without success.

An hour later, Wang Lin looked tired, his body emptied of LingQi, he smiled wryly to himself: “Failed again, opening the second layer is really too hard!” Suddenly he felt something, his eyes flashing, he stared at the door.

“Junior Wang, come out to see me!” A cold voice called out from outside the door.

It sounded somewhat familiar, Wang Lin got up and opened the door to see a black-clad youth of twenty seven-eight years of age, bearing a cold demeanor.

“Black Clothes!” Wang Lin recognized the Youth, he was the one who had brought him, Wang Zhuo and Wang Hao to Heng Yue Sect at the time of admission test, and was also the one who along with his father had found him at the bottom of the cliff.

But Wang Lin remembered that at that time he was still dressed in white, so after only a few months, he actually got promoted to black! He suddenly remembered the day of the tests, when he had brought him, and his two brothers to Heng Yue, a Middle-aged man who had told him that the Head of the Sect was concerned about him since his practice was at a crucial stage, and thus, he was replaced by that middle-aged man who took the test.


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