Xian Ni Chapter 26 – Malice

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok this has been a long day for me and I come bearing bad news, I got a new job(which is a good news) but sadly it requires to shift to a city that is on the other side of the country, so I will have to set up things anew. once I reach there. I will be going on 9th April and will need at least 3-4 days to settle down in the new surroundings. So, I sincerely apologize in advance. Another reminder will be given out in my last chapter release before the move. Anyways, with RL trouble out of the way, enjoy the chapters for now

Wang Lin was excited at the thought of the three spells, thus, he recited the chant for Flame ball, while pinching the fingers on his hand, but unfortunately, not even the slightest spark appeared for a long time, let alone a proper flame, frowning he tried again.

Tried again and again, all the attempts ending in failure, once there had been an inkling of a little spark but it soon dissipated.

“Talent…..is Talent!” Wang Lin with a wry smile, went near to a stone to practice Shattering Earth technique, although the result was slightly better than his attempt at Flame ball, but looking at the gap in the stone the size of a little finger, he couldn’t help but sigh, he could impress and deceive mortals with this spell but it wouldn’t have any utility in a real fight.

After that, he practised Gravity technique, and wasn’t really satisfied with the result.

But the Gravity technique appeared to have a slightly higher success rate to Wang Lin, so he  decided to put all his focus on the Gravity technique, although it is called gravity technique, in fact it is a technique to control an object from a distance.

If one is able to exert a high degree of control over the technique, then upon reaching the second layer of Concentrating Qi, he can practice Repulsion Technique, and upon breaking through the third layer, reaching the fourth layer, one can go to Sword Spirit Pavillion to choose a flying sword. [TLNote: You might remember the pavillion from the third test of admission.]

After practicing for a long time, Wang Lin went back before nightfall, he had now reached Concentrating Qi first layer, his eyes and ears had grown more sensitive, entering through the East gate and passing through the Chores office, he heard a familiar voice coming from inside.

“Senior Liu, you tasked me with cutting firewood, said that I would need to cut 100 jin of firewood to complete task, then why did you increase it to 1000 jin now? I am not a person but Zhang Hu, all these past years I always treated you with respect, but you are trying to suppress me, do you really want to push me down and make me give up?”

“Zhang Hu, you say that I embarass you, but these past few months haven’t been good for me either, but you bastard not only do you not work hard, instead, caused me to hear reproach from Elders, the firewood that you cut were delivered by me to DanFang and was reprimanded for a good while, on my way back I indeed found it odd to see 30 jin water inside 100 jin firewood, you brat you indeed have good skill, ah.”

“Impossible, you are making slanderous accusations,didn’t you just a few days ago received an immortal talisman from Zhao Fuqui in return for helping him get assigned easier tasks to do, and just because I witnessed it, you are willing to force me to leave Heng Yue Sect, you don’t even know what it is like to be a secret disciple, you’re extremely fucked up, I quit, I will go and tell the whole thing to the Elders!” Zhao Hu shouted loudly.

“Zhang Hu, if you want to blame something, blame your bad luck, you witnessed things you shouldn’t have seen, and today you dare leave! If the Elders come to know of those things, then I will find and exterminate your whole family.”

From the room, came the cold voice of the Liu Xing, followed by a loud exclamation by Zhang Hu, hearing this Wang Lin was taken aback, he rushed toward the office and kicked open the door.

Just in time to see Liu Xing, using a dagger to stab Zhang Hu who flew into the nearby wall wearing a look of horror.

Seeing the emergency situation, Wang Lin in last bid effort to save Zhang Hu, used Gravity technique, it was a success this time, the Gravity Technique turned into an invisible hand, and restricted movements of Liu Xing immediately, but by this time the dagger had already cut Zhang Hu at his chest, causing blood to flow out of the wound.

Liu Xing was startled as he felt his whole body being constricted by seemingly boundless strength, and could no longer move his body.

Zhang Hu was pale by now, unable to stop the bleeding, giving a silent thanks to Wang Lin, quickly crawled to the side.

Liu Xing was startled at the scene infront of him, started struggling ferociously, sweat appeared at Wang Lin’s forehead, he was slowly losing control of the invisible force.

Using Gravity technique to bind a Human being for the first time, Wang lin was clearly struggling, coupled with the ferocious efforts made by Liu Xing to free himself, making it difficult to control, his body started trembling, saw that Zhang Hu was not gravely injured, let out a sigh of relief, his control over the force immediately loosened.

Seeing Liu Xing trying to break out of his restrictions, Zhang Hu’s face changed colour, he looked at Wang Lin and then looked at Liu Xing, and then with his face showing a ruthless expression, quickly took the Firewood Axe and rushed toward Liu Xing.

Fear could be seen in Liu Xing’s eyes and he began to struggle violently, Zhang Hu clenched his teeth: “no poison, no great man, Liu Xing you forced me to do this, you fucking wanted to destroy my family?” [TLNote: the idiom at the start means “A Great Man Has To Be Ruthless“]

“Zhang Hu, What are you going to do!” Wang Lin was alarmed, the Gravity technique lost it’s effect.

Liu Xing recovered his mobility momentarily, Zhang Hu raised his axe and smashed it down on Liu Xing’s head, making a sound similar to watermelons being crushed, Liu Xing didn’t even have time to dodge, his body spasmed a bit, then stopped moving.

The Axe in Zhang Hu’s hand falls to the ground, looking at the blood dripping from the corpse at his feet, Zhang Hu had a complicated expression.

Wang Lin stood frozen on the spot, this was the first time that he clearly saw a bloody corpse, after a while, he bitterly asked: “Zhang Hu, you…….”

Zhang Hu looked at Wang Lin, his face distorted, gaining a hideous colour, said stuttering: “Wang Lin, you saw it, I did not want to kill him, but today, if it were not for you, I Zhang Hu would definitely have been killed! All of this, he forced me to do it, he forced me!”

Wang Lin was silent, he didn’t exactly agree with him.

Zhang Hu took a deep breath, his eyes showing a strong colour, he went near the body and searched it for a while, pulled out a grey cloth bundle, opened it to find several hundred immortal talismans used by secret disciples to visit their relatives, besides this, there was a stitch-bound book, Zhang Hu glanced at it a bit before putting it in his bosom.

Then he searched the room, and eventually found a secret compartment under the bed, opening it he found a yellow paper.

Hesitating a little, he turned toward Wang Lin, and said: “Wang Lin, I will forever be grateful for your help today, and will always remember it in my heart, I cannot stay in Heng Yue Sect anymore, once Liu Xing is found dead, surely they will find me and these things that I took.” it is this immortal talisman that was the cause of this disaster, it is surely a treasure, otherwise Liu Xing would not have thought to kill me, so it’s better for you to take it!” With that he handed the yellow paper to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin did not pick it up, with a sigh he smiled and said: “You…..This is why……., If only you hadn’t killed him……..”

Zhang Hu frowned and said: “Wang Lin, never bring this matter up again, I have gone through a lot these past few years, If you consider me as your friend, take this immortal talisman!”

Wang Lin felt miserable, but did not speak.

“Wang Lin, I must go, you are not related to this matter, so even if Heng Yue Sect investigates, they will only try to catch me and by that time I will be long gone. Well, Zhao Guo, I didn’t believe that I, Zhang Hu would remain a secret disciple for a lifetime!”Zhang Hu with a complicated look on his face, turned around slowly and left the room. [TLNote: Zhao Guo is presumably the region’s name where this is all happening]


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