Xian Ni Chapter 25 – Concentrating Qi

ObligatoryTLNote: Here it is, Second chapter of the day, also, I would like to hear your opinion on some things which being spoilers I wouldn’t mention here but instead at the bottom of this chapter. Do comment on it if you like. Cheers.

In the mountains, time flowed fast, two months later, Wang Lin was in dream space, with his eyes closed doing breathing practice, in these two months, he had managed to thoroughly study the mysterious bead.

Can use the bead to enter dream space three times a day, each time is more than 20 hours, adding up to six days in total. [TLNote: Don’t blame me, I couldn’t figure it out either, I redid this sentence multiple times, but this was the only possible translation I could get. EDIT: Check out possible explanations from lightnoveltank and thefalconhuntsatmidnight, because my brain has gone haywire, heh]

Thus, in the span of two months, in fact, he was practising for one year.

Practice is a very tedious thing, Wang Lin didn’t really feel it before, but now he fully understood, taking the help of bead-soaked spring water daily, did not even have to eat all day, just sit in meditation and practice breathing.

Constantly repeating the one long and three short pattern of breathing to absorb Lingqi, every time his mental fortitude wavered, his parent’s expectant eyes flashed in his mind, dreading that he refused to abandon the practice no matter how tedious.

Especially the thought of Wang Zhuo reaching the first layer of Concentrating Qi, caused Wang Lin to develop a strong resolve, he confined himself in his room and started practising with reckless abandon.

Wang Lin was the butt of all jokes at Heng Yue Sect, but regardless of his infamy even though many people were jealous of him, they rarely even paid attention to him.

Even Sun DaZhu had tried to forget about Wang Lin, even if by chance thought about him came to his mind, filled with anger, he immediately tried to filter that thought out of his mind.

Given these circumstances, plus some precautions taken by Wang Lin, such as during the time he was in dream space, he would immediately hide away the bead, so these past two months passed by relatively quiet, and no one found out about Wang Lin’s bead.

Two months ago, Wang Lin had been unable to calculate the amount of spring water to drink, basically whenever he felt his Lingqi becoming low, he used to drink several mouthfuls immediately.

If Sun DaZhu would have to come to know of this, out of heartache, he would have slapped Wang Lin to death. In the entire Zhao Gue XiuZhen community, having the ability to straight up drink such potent Lingqi liquid like the bead-soaked spring water of Wang Lin, was quite rare, in fact only Old Geezers in some Elite Sects may enjoy such privelage who monopolized places having high concentration of Lingqi like mountain caves, while Wang Lin achieved the same effect with his bead-soaked spring water.

Lingqi, in the eyes of every person engaged in XiuXian it holds an important place, Zhao Guo doesn’t have that many places having high concentration of Lingqi, the numerous sects are placed to take sufficient advantage of them, but even so, if anyone came to know about Wang Lin’s method of practice, he would die of heartache just like Sun DaZhu. [TLNote: Zhao Guo is the region’s name]

This spring water, if used for refining pills, then it will increase the effectiveness of the immortal pills, it is common knowledge in refining, that although the core ingredients are essential, but secondary materials help in creating bonus effect.

Taking advantage of an almost inexhaustible source of Lingqi, the amount absorbed in Wang Lin’s body increased more and more.

Today, Wang Lin while doing breathing practice in dream space, clearly felt Lingqi flowing throughout his body, and along with his breath, two long white lines came out from between his mouth and nose before dissipating.

A feeling akin to insects crawling on the skin emerged weak at first but growing strong, on the inside and outside of the body, like a surging tide spread throughout the body, a bit of black substance emitting foul odour, discharged from the pores on his body.

Soon the clothes were soaked, but Wang Lin didn’t bother with that, he was completely immersed in the wonderful feeling at the moment, he could clearly feel the spring water constantly breaking down his body from within and the Lingqi slowly changing the internal structure of his body.

Wang Lin after a long amount of time, opened his eyes, never having witnessed the white light before, his eyes lit up.

His mind was clear, his heart was like a lake so tranquil that no waves could disturb it, memories of his childhood flashed past one by one, his father affectionate eyes when he had first learned to talk, his mother’s late night stories before bedtime, their expectant eyes when they sent me off to Heng Yue Sect, the mockeries of their relatives, the envious look of the villagers, he watched all of these in a detached manner as if he was a stranger.

After a while, he took a deep breath, with a pained feeling rising in his heart, he had mastered the first layer of Concentrating Qi, and consequently had a glimmer of understanding.

According to the book on three segments of Concentrating Qi, the first layer is like a door, one who opens it enters the ranks of people who XiuXian to become Saints, and consequently cut off their ties with the mortal world.

Everyone who passes through the first layer of Concentrating Qi, goes through this process, how could Wang Lin not know this, but could not cut himself off from the worldly affairs due to his affection towards his parents.

Sighing loudly, Wang Lin patted down his clothes, and stood up.

With bright eyes, he looked around, now he was able to make out differences in the dream space, for example the luminous objects, until now he couldn’t see anything unusual but now able to see that one of the objects have concealed inside Lingqi, although cannot see any big changes, but compared to before, it is like a blind man suddenly gaining eyesight.

As he was watching, the tearing pain occurs, the pain is less than before but it still hurts, although he no longer woke up in cold sweat.

Back in reality, Wang Lin opened his eyes, meditated on the bed for a while, then picked up the gourd and looked inside, found that from the spring water a faint light slowly drifting out, and he could see the gourd full of abundant Lingqi.

A smile appeared on his face, after achieving the first layer of Concentrating Qi, he could already feel the Lingqi in his surroundings, taking a deep breath, Wang Lin found that his whole body had gotten leaner and he laughed as the whole body was covered in some sticky substance, according to the book on Concentrating Qi, upon breaking through the first layer of Concentrating Qi, the body will force out a large amount of impurities, in the process of transformation of the body, this is an unavoidable stage.

Wang Lin opened the door, it is afternoon time, he went out of the East gate at a brisk pace, arriving at the spring, found a position downstream and took off his clothes. He washed the clothes thoroughly as it was stained with greasy impurities, had to wash it for a long time to make it clean again.

After having finished washing, he lay down on a rock nearby, looking up at the sky, he recalled the description given by the book on Concentrating Qi.

It introduced a immortal technique called “Gravity Technique”, it belongs to category of basic spells and as long as reach the first layer, can use it.

Heng Yue Sect used to dominate the Zhao Guo 500 years ago, even though it is on a decline nowadays, but it still possesses a large collection of XiuXian methods, the principle is that Disciples are free to choose from the collected scriptures, but the Elders prefer sword cultivation techniques.

In Sword Cultivation, a person who has mastered it is able to utilize Flying Sword, although later practice is hard, but it is quite powerful even early on and is easy to grasp. This Gravity technique, is the foundation that drives forward the Flying swords technique.

In addition to the Gravity technique, the book on Concentrating Qi, also records two other spells, one is Flame ball, and the other is Shattering Earth technique.


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