Xian Ni Chapter 24 – Practice

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok, so yesterday was a wild, wild day, I had a lot of fun so hope I get to do something like that again sometime. Anyways, I had made it through half of this chapter yesterday, so I only had to finish off the remaining to present it to you guys. That means I will be putting out another chapter today. Also, reiterating my release policy, I guarantee one chapter a day, but beyond that I can only try, the only thing I can do is promise not to hold back. Meanwhile, enjoy the current chapter.

Wang Lin fetched a lot of water from the Mountain spring, returning to the room, he started preparing the bead-soaked Lingqi spring water. At night, he locked the door with a rope tied to it, holding the other end of the rope in his arm so that as long as it’s opened, he will be able to immediately detect it.

After drinking large gulps of the bead-soaked spring water, heat began to rise in his body, Wang Lin immediately holding the bead, went into dream space.

In the boundless dream space, Wang Lin sat down cross-legged, breathing in one long and three short rhythm, surrounded by luminous bodies, when Wang Lin had closed his eyes while practicing, a soft beam fell upon him, transforming into a bright facula, and silently drilled into his body. Regarding all this, Wang Lin didn’t have even the slightest clue. [TLNote: see here for facula: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facula%5D

After approximately a day, the spring water Lingqi had dissipated from his body. But this time, he obviously felt a different from the time when he had drunk the herb soup in the past, at that time, although the heat was flowing in his body but the Lingqi dissipated with the lapse of time.

However, it was not the same this time, though the Lingqi still dissipated but more or less it left trace amounts of it in the body, although not much, but it gave Wang Lin huge boost in faith, he had thought for a long time, hadn’t understood the problem, but it was resolved thanks to the mysterious bead.

Because, he wasn’t able to leave dream midway, there was no way of replenishing water, Wang Lin also tried breathing practice for a long time, and finally found that the dream space differs from the outside world, in the outside world, when he is breathing, even though there is no feeling of ants crawling signifying entry of Lingqi into the body, but after a month of breathing practice he had found that every time after meditation his body felt refreshed and relaxed each time.

But in the dream space, after the Spring water Lingqi dissipated, there was no comfortable feeling, instead after meditating for a long time, he felt shortness of breath and his chest tightening.

After thinking for a moment, Wang Lin vaguely guessed that this must be associated with Lingqi, after all in the Dream space there is no Lingqi in the surroundings.

He found this guess to be increasingly correct as time passed, frowning to himself: “If could bring the bead-soaked spring water here from the outside, it would be so much better.” Thinking so, he suddenly had a thought, looked down at himself, his face revealing a puzzled expression.

He was wearing the red robe worn by true Disciples, which made Wang Lin very puzzled, quickly reached out to the place where storage bag was kept, but couldn’t find it.。

“Clothes can appear in Dream space, but Storage bag cannot appear…..” He pondered a little, decided to go out for experimenting to find out what items can and can’t be brought into the dream.

Felt that time will soon be over, after twenty-five hours were over, the tearing feeling came, and Wang Lin came back to reality.

He felt a doubt in his mind, why is it that the duration is only for two and a half hours, with that question in mind, he poured the bead-soaked spring water into the gourd, keeping the gourd at hand, he prepared to enter the dream.

But this time, no matter how hard he stared at the bead, he never got sleepy. Wang Lin  was startled, then carefully thought for a long time, depressing the worry in his mind, he closed his eyes and started breathing practice.

Gradually, his breathing became steady, Lingqi is being inhaled and dissipated at the same time, he is a considerable distance away from Concentrating Qi first layer.

He spent the whole day in breathing practice, sometimes picking up the gourd filled with spring water and drinking from it, trying to keep Lingqi in sufficient quantity both inside and outside his body. [TLNote: When it says outside the body, I am guessing it means Lingqi being released from the water and increasing concentration of it in surroundings]

In addition to that, he kept holding the stone bead trying to enter the dream state, but unfortunately was unable to succeed.

When night came, he opened his eyes, could vaguely feel that there was a bit more Lingqi in his body, some other time, he would have been excited, but right now, he was feeling restless as he again picked up the bead, staring at it, suddenly sleepiness arrived. Wang Lin’s face brightened up, quickly recovering from his melancholy, he fell asleep a little while later.

He stood up, stroking his chin pondered for quite a while, remembered the circumstances around the four times that he entered the dream space, and finally found the problem.

The first two times, were in quick succession. For the Third time, he had observed the lamp for over two hours before entering, as for the fourth time, it was after an interval of a whole day.

From this it can be calculated that there are certain restrictions on entrance to dream space, and in order to guarantee access to dream space there must be an interval of atleast two hours between access.

After resolving the problem, Wang Lin began to experiment exactly what items could be brought into the dream space, he prepared a lot of things to test, beginning with the three bottle gourds, one containing the left-over dew, one is empty and one is filled with bead-soaked spring water.

Pieces of the broken stone bowl, and in addition to the above, he pressed against his bosom, things he took out from his parcel, such as sweet potatoes, clothes and other things, holding everything, he just stared at the bead and entered the dream state.

In the Dream land, Wang Lin began to inspect his whole body immediately, found the sweet potatoes, pieces of clothing, stone bowl fragments, but couldn’t find the three gourds and storage bag.

Troubled by his doubts, he suddenly hit upon an idea, the dream space has no Lingqi, he realized that all the things that had made it here were mundane things, in other words, items with no Lingqi.

The three Gourds, the Storage bag, these things more or less contained Lingqi, and that’s why weren’t brought here.

Sighing loudly, Wang Lin was worried, if he wasn’t able to bring the Gourd into the dream space, then he would have to depend on sipping spring water before entering dream state, which is definitely insufficient to practice here.

Thinking about this, he suddenly felt a flash of inspiration, as if his mind has caught onto something important, but also didn’t catch, he felt amused at the imagining being suspended in mid-air, it made him ponder diligently, reorganizing his thoughts one by one. [TLNote: For those confused, basically it is something similar to tip of the tongue phenomenon except for thoughts, you know you got something but don’t know what it is]

A while later, he grew happy as he had found a hint, thinking of the issue relating to inability to bring Lingqi items here, he realized that the water that he had drunk didn’t disappear from his stomach.

Thus, the rule is not absolute, as long as he can find the way, there must definitely be a way to bring the bead-soaked Spring water.

After Waiting for the twenty-five hours to be over, Wang Lin immediately left his room in a hurry, and after wandering in the mountains for a while, came back to his room having picked up a few wild bottle gourds in a hurry.

He believed that the reason that the three bottle gourds didn’t appear in the dream space, because long term exposure to dew of the bead, had caused the gourd itself to possess a certain amount of Lingqi.

So, he filled the freshly picked with bead-soaked spring water, maybe he could trick the dream space and bring it inside.

After more than two hours, Wang Lin holding four-five bottle gourds, went into dream state. The moment he entered, he examined his body at once, and was surprised to find all the gourds.

Wang Lin opened them to look inside to find that the spring water hadn’t disappeared and still had Lingqi, excitedly, Wang Lin drank a huge gulp, and sat down cross-legged to begin concentrating on breathing practice.

Every time, the Lingqi in his body dissipiated, he would drink  a few mouthfuls of spring water immediately, and little by little, Lingqi in small amounts had started accumulating inside, slowly changing the system from within, inching him closer to Concentrating Qi first layer.

The Light from surrounding luminous bodies again turned into facula and pored into his body.

Wang Lin with his low talent, if not for mysterious bead, and the bead-soaked liquid, then it would have taken him atleast a few year’s time, in order to make it possible for him to succeed in mastering Concentrating Qi first layer, if Wang Lin would have still been under the effect of the harmful herb, afraid that would not have succeeded even in 350 years.

Sun DaZhu’s herbal soup diet for the whole month shortened the whole process. Wang Lin accidentally succeeded in Scattering Power to expel the harmful herb, but even so it takes about ten years of practice, but Wang Lin had no dearth of Lingqi, even enjoying the benefit of dream space to increase time to ten times, it was obvious that the first layer of Concentrating Qi was within sight.


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