Xian Ni Chapter 23 – Ten Clouds

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok this is it, the real reason why I did the extra chapters today, was to bring you to this point. This chapter is the real deal. Shit gets real. Also, for those interested in why he doesn’t eat the damn thing, hopefully you might find consolation here in this chapter. And in the end, I guess for one day, I wanted to know how Ren felt releasing so many chapters of CD in a day. I got to say, it’s helluva tiring thing to do (Granted MTL is a bit easier, so one can only imagine the suffering). So, once again mad props to him. Without further ado, Enjoy.

P.S. For the sake of preserving my sanity I really want this to be last chapter of the day, but let’s see. It’s a helluva drug this novel.

Wang Lin opened his eyes, he didn’t know how long he had slept, looking out of the window he saw it was still dark outside, he got off from the bed, tried to move his body for a while, did not feel anything amiss, took out the stone bowl from beneath the bed, found out that the bowl had been emptied of the liquid, he picked up the bead, on a closer look, he noticed, suddenly felt surprised when he saw the tenth cloud at the place which was left blank earlier.

Wang Lin felt his spirit uplifted, took the mysterious bead and looking left & right, put it away, immediately rushed out of the door to go to the Mountain spring and fetched a bowl of water, hurried back to the room and immersed the bead in it.

Once this was done, he took a sip of the bead-soaked spring water, waited for a long time but didn’t feel any difference from usual, he looked at the bead puzzle for a long time, tried putting the bead in his mouth, it was still hard and inedible. [TLNote: So, there you have it folks, the answer to one of the greatest and most asked question here, i.e., why he doesn’t eat the damn bead?]

He squeezed out a drop of blood upon the Bead.

Hesitatingly, he picked up the stone bowl, and started smashing it against the stone bead, he had thought that once the bead gets it’s tenth cloud, it might change or transform.

Bang, Bang, Bang, the Stone bowl broke, Wang Lin’s hands were numb, but the bead didn’t have even a trace of any damage.

Exhausting all means, the bead was still didn’t appear anything different aside from the fact that there were now ten clouds. Wang Lin was sad at having wasted two gourds full of dew, and in anger threw the bead to one side.

After a while, he still wasn’t willing to give up so he picked up the bead, and started observing it. Watching, Watching, suddenly a wave of drowsiness welled up, he was stunned, obviously he had just woken up, why was he feeling sleepy? Rubbing his eyes, he continued to look at the bead.

Slowly, the drowsiness increased to such a point, that to his eyes the bead appeared incredibly blurred, finally Wang Lin fell down on the ground sideways, while gripping the bead in his hand.

He had a dream, a dream that he had come to an immense place, there was no sun, moon or stars, but all around there are numerous luminous bodies, although it felt like a pipe dream, his mind was very clear, and he was wondering why he was here in the dream.

Although, there was no feeling of discomfort, he had accepted the fact that he was dreaming, but he didn’t know how to wake up, in despeartion he started walking around, the place was endless so he kept walking for a long time.

He didn’t know for how long he walked, but when he got physically exhausted, suddenly felt a shudder, then felt a sharp pain as if something was tearing his body apart, miserably snorting, he suddenly opened his eyes.

Looking around to see that it was his room, Wang Lin let out a deep breath and wiped the sweat from his forehead, thinking about the strange dream that he had woken up from, suddenly the expression on his face changed, as he saw that the ten clouds which were on the bead, had now vanished completely, and in place of them, reappeared several small characters.

“This……” Wang Lin started, quickly bringing it close to take closer look, carefully looking at it he found the font of the characters to be crooked, rather uncommon, he had been fond of reading since childhood so could recognize several typefaces, pondering for a long time and comparing it mentally with all the various typefaces he knew about one by one, he could barely make out the meaning.

“On this should be a number, it does not really make any sense” Wang Lin muttered holding the bead. A sudden flash of inspiration crossed his mind, he thought about the dream.

“Is there any connection between the dream and the bead?” Wang Lin meditated for a while, laid down on the bed and tried to force himself to sleep shutting his eyes closed, but he felt energetic at that moment and could not fall asleep.

Suddenly, he remembered the previous time he had fallen asleep spontaneously, so he started staring at the bead, gradually, he started feeling sleep his eyes feeling tired, soon fell unconscious and closed his eyes.

He found himself in boundless space again, Wang Lin standing there, this time he did not walk around, instead after a moment, he started constantly repeating a cycle of standing, jumping and falling.

Over time, the height of his jump increased, he started out at half a meter but could now reach a full meter, when the body felt exhausted, and the tearing feeling emerged again.

Then, he regained consciousness.

Opened his eyes, immediately got out of bed, and started jumping, and leaping high, found that the height he reached was the same as it was in the dream.

Suddenly, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up in excitement, and soon emerged an expression of ecstasy, he took a deep breath, controlled his excitement, walked around the room, his face kept changing, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes troubled, and sometimes showing enlightenment, with the sweat accumulated on his forehead dripping all over the room.

“If I could only exercise in the dream, then it is useless because I can exercise in the reality also, no need to dream for that.” Wang Lin mumbled to himself.

“No, wait, this bead absorbed so much bead-soaked liquid in order to make the tenth cloud appear, could not have gone to waste, there must be other things to do, there must be!ย  But what would they be?” Wang Lin with crazed expression, oblivious of everything around him, threw himself into a deep thought.

“Could it be……” His footsteps stopped, his mind had latched onto a thread, he was stunned speechless: “Don’t tell me, it’s the time?”

Thinking about it, he could no longer control his mood, he was excited enough to shout out at the top of his lungs, he quickly clenched his fists, with his body trembling he stared at the bead.

“If it is really related to time then, I…….I, Tie Zhu, even with poor talent can become a Saint!” Wang Lin took several deep breaths, it only slightly went back to normal, without saying another word, he immediately turned on the Oil lamps in the House filling them with oil, then taking the bead he sat down silently calculating the time in his mind.

Lasting for about two hours, the Oil lamp ran out of oil.

Wang Lin, quickly refilled the oil, then holding onto the bead, went into the dream state again.

This time he did not jump, instead just sat down counting numbers to calculate the time.

Half an hour, an Hour, five hours, ten hours, twenty-five hours!

Body tearing pain appeared, Wang Lin opened his eyes and saw that the lamp had been extinguished.

“Ten times, the time passed in the dream land is ten times to that of reality!” Wang Lin excitedly stood up, tightly holding the mysterious bead.

For the first time, felt as if he could succeed in XiuXian with a certainty.

At this time, it was late in the morning, Wang Lin controlled his excitement, didn’t use the bead to start cultivating immediately, he fully realized, that if he used the bead in the daytime and is accidentally discovered, then he will be forced to part with the bead, so he put the bead into the storage bag, and pushed open the door to his room.


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