Xian Ni Chapter 22 – Scattered Power

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After returning to his room, Wang Lin immediately closed the door, he did not take the four Lingdan, but put them in the bag, instead, he took out the mysterious bead for the experiment.

Carefully taking out the bead and the gourds, Wang Lin hesitated a bit, he was weighing the pros and cons in his heart, the dew is the focus of his practice, if there is no dew then practice will be slow.

But at the same time, the Clouds pattern on the beads was drawing his curiousity, after much deliberation, he thought that dew once finished can be collected again only need to spend some time on it, but once the bead forms the tenth cloud, maybe some change will occur, and maybe it will increase Lingqi concentration to incredible heights.

Thinking so, he immediately took out the morning dew Gourd, prepared a stone bowl, poured out the jelly like liquid from the Gourd slowly, it took a long time.

Soon, all the dew was emptied into the bowl in which a green liquid could be seen, exuding fragrance, Wang Lin, smelling it, felt relaxed and happy, even his body felt comfortable.

He feared that leaving it like that for long would cause others to notice, so he immediately put the bead inside and observed carefully, soon he could see the liquid decreasing.

Wang Lin was a little disappointed, he had thought that it would absorb immediately, but the fragrance that the liquid was exuding dissipated after the bead was soaked in the liquid. Wang Lin pondering a bit, put the bowl below the bed, sat down cross-legged on the bed carrying low grade Lingshi and started breathing practice.

The One long and three short breathing pattern went smoothly, though in the past two months, he couldn’t absorb and Lingqi, but atleast he got accustomed to the weird pattern and no longer felt out of breath for a much longer time, in fact he was so used to this, that he had started breathing in that pattern even when he was not meditating.

Soon, the night passed, Wang Lin opened his eyes in the morning, quickly pulled out the stone bowl from under the bed and found that there was still half of the liquid remaining, but still the tenth cloud hadn’t appeared.

He is not discouraged, after taking another glance at the bowl, hesistantly pulled out the spirit pills, after taking them, he could immediately feel a wave of heat course through his body.

Wang Lin had spent a month with Sun DaZhu, however every day must go through the same process, which is by now familiar and easy for him, exhaling and inhaling, the night arrived, he slowly exhaled long white clouds, sighing he frowned while forcing a smile on his face: “This Spirit pill is actually similar to the herb that Sun DaZhu used, containing some herbs, after finished eating each time it only affects the body making it comfortable, and full of vigor, even the sense of hunger goes away, what a pity that I am unable to concentrate and absorb Lingqi.”

He sighed loudly, Wang Zhuo had done closed door practice for three months to master first layer of Concentrating Qi, Wang Lin although didn’t show any emotion on the surface, but deep within he knew that talent is important for XiuXian.

But Wang Lin’s stubbornness, does not allow him to give up easily, he still has his mysterious bead, which is not lacking in Lingqi, even though presently unable to absorb Lingqi but at some point of time would definitely be able to succeed.

“Time…….” Wang Lin bit his lower lip, took a deep breath and pulled out the stone bowl from under the bed, only a little amount of liquid left but still no tenth cloud on the bead.

He immediately took out the Night dew Gourd, poured the liquid inside, this time the liquid was slightly more than the capacity of the bowl so some dew was left over after filling the bowl. Wang Lin, drank the remaining liquid and continued breathing practice.

Heat rose in his body, almost as if the essence of the body was flowing around, he immediately felt thirsty, Wang Lin grinned and started the one long and three short breathing pattern.

Soon thereafter, Wang Lin felt as if something was wrong, the heat didn’t dissipitate slowly as before, but as he continued breathing, slight sense of feeling of swelling emerged in his body, Wang Lin had an illusion that he was swelling up like a balloon unceasingly, and reached the limits of his body.

Wang Lin terrified, quickly stopped breathing, the pain of swelling still existed, he opened his eys, to see to his horror that all his blood vessels had swollen up completely, as if a cyan coloured worm had attached itself covering the whole of his body.

Wang Lin does not know, that the Herb Soup that he used to take didn’t contain that much Lingqi, even though he used one long and three short breathing technique to absorb the Lingqi, even combining the two sources of Lingqi, and due to of lack of talent (spiritual roots) in his body, the Lingqi dissipitates at rapid speed.

Plus, at key times, the harmful herb would act up, causing the Lingqi absorption to end in failure.

But now it was different, he had drank the dew from the Gourd, it contains far more Lingqi than the Herb Soup, almost to an incredible extent, it far exceeded the rate at which his body dissipated Lingqi. If he wasn’t breathing, then taking it’s own time it will dissipitate slowly, but when he had been breathing, it was like adding fuel to the fire.

He realized that he was in trouble, he didn’t know how to handle this, could only watch his blood vessels swell up and getting closer to the brink of collapsing, at that moment, a lightning flash drilled into his mind, Wang Lin without pausing even a moment o think, immediately started anti-breathing in the pattern of one short and three long breaths.

He assumed that, since regular breathing causes absorption of Lingqi, anti-breathing should be able to release the Lingqi.

Wang Lin’s guess was more or less correct, this anti-breathing pattern, everyone knew that it is used to reset cultivation.

Along with his breath, small trace amounts of Lingqi poured out from his sweat pores, appearing barely for a moment before being sucked by the bead which was lying beneath the bed.

Slowly, over time, the swelling on Wang Lin’s body slowly dissipated, the surface of the veins healed slowly, at this time his body was no longer exhaling Lingqi but instead a trace of foul spirit, which the stone bead didn’t absorb and let it dissipate into the air.

Wang Lin, by chance, had succeeded in removing the harmful herb from his body.

To extract the harmful herb, there were only two ways, one of which was to use a large amount of Lingqi to force it slowly out of the body, which is a method used by Sun DaZhu, later however, because of being disheartened by Wang Lin, and his own disappointment, neglected to treat him.

The second method is scattered power, it results in dissipating of all the Lingqi in the body in an instant, through repeated practice. Sun DaZhu didn’t chose this method, because Wang Lin’s body lacked Lingqi, even if it manged to collect a little, it would dissipate immediately, simply it could not achieve the scattered power requirements.

The whole process lasted the day and night, Wang Lin lay weakly in bed, glad that he could save his poor little life, decided to not mess with dew in the future.

Feeling groggy and sleepy, he quickly drifted off to sleep.


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