Xian Ni Chapter 21 – Gaining Pills

ObligatoryTLNote: Part two of the promised double release, see you all tomorrow. Enjoy the chapter.

UPDATE: I decided to change Lingdan to Spirit Pills, because I was getting confused with the translation and for other reasons…. Anyways Spirit pills is much better imo. Also, made slight edit at the end of the chapter do check it out.

As for the other Man, he was slightly older, about twenty years old, had a long face, had his chin up high and eyes turned upward and look of disdain on his face when he said: “Junior Wang, you were doing closed door practice and you didn’t know but this has become a joke in our Heng Yue Sect, like Junior Sister Xu said, this Wang Lin using shameless methods became a Heng Yue Sect True Disciple.”

Wang Zhuo hearing this, laughed loudly and said: “I was just startled, so you came in this way, but as far as your talent is concerned, for your whole life you will never even be able to reach first layer of Concentrating Qi, why are you bent on playing the fool and disgracing our Wang clan.”

“Junior Brother Wang, you are wrong in this, although talent is important, but perseverance is the real key, it is natural in XiuXian, that even if one is talented     but lacks perseverance, then even the best talent is useless.” Zhou Xing said so softly while giving a small wink.

“What Brother Wang said is also true, this Wang Lin is foolish-looking, and most likely does not have what it takes to XiuXian to become Saint like others.” Xu Xing the girl standing near Wang Zhuo took this opportunity to speak.

Wang Lin chuckled, he could understand by seeing that the people in that group had complicated relationships. Wang Zhuo probably likes the woman Zhou Xing, while Xu Xing looks like is fond of Wang Zhuo so trying to get in his good graces.

His laughter caused Wang Zhuo to become indignated, he snorted and said: “Wang Lin, I would advise you to leave Heng Yue Sect, or else when at the end of the year when the disciples spar, I will break your bones and can not kill but atleast will leave you crippled.”

Wang Lin had heard from Sun DaZhu, the Disciples have to spar in a tournament at the end of the year, the Winner receives a precious Weapon. The competition is broken down into two levels, one is competition for the top ten positions. The other is the mad grab for the position of the strongest disciple.

Wang Lin paying no heed to his provocation, said: “No need to trouble yourself worrying about me, whether I die or get crippled, it doesn’t have anything to do with you.”

Wang Zhuo sneered and said: “I was only looking out for my relatives, since you rejected my good intentioned advice, in the tournament don’t later blame me for showing no mercy!” With that a cold look flashed in his eyes.

Wang Zhuo grew up looking down upon Wang Lin’s family since childhood, although never actually met before, but his perception was influenced by what he heard, especially the things which his father told him about how Wang Lin’s father tried to coax his Grandfather and tried to cut out a big piece of family property, and was rampantly domineering and defiantly insulting of Wang Zhuo’s father, and that thanks to the discerning eyes of relatives who helped Wang Zhuo’s father get justice and win back his fair share of property. [TLNote: For those confused, this is basically Wang Zhuo’s fucked up view of his family history as doctored by his father, to which I say, No Shit] So, he always felt that Wang Lin’s family was a disgrace to the Wang clan, and that Father and Son are alike in shaming the family.

Although, growing up, sometimes he vaguely felt as if things were different from what he was told by his father but his character was haughty and arrogant, he sometimes even looked down upon his own father, let alone others.

The girl Xu Xing hesistantly, spoke to Wang Zhuo softly: “You are relatives?”

The other two were also surprised, as it was their first time hearing that these two people were related.

Xu Xing sneeing the bad expression on Wang Zhuo’s face, quickly said: “Brother Wang Zhuo, he does not understand your good intentions, you don’t need to get angry, you are a good man, much smarter than him, do not expect him to immediately comprehend your kindness, and later, when he has suffered a loss, naturally will come to understand that what you said was for the good. Our family also has such relatives, some who are in fact exactly the same, not everyone can be good people like you, in fact, I understand how you feel, you hate iron for not becoming steel.” [TLNote: The idiom in last sentence, means “to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations”]

Wang Zhuo saw that Xu Xing was blushing a bit, he stared at her for a while, couldn’t tell whether she was being sarcastic or was just speaking in his favour.

Wang Lin hearing the girl, suddenly burst out of laughing, and said: “Wang Zhuo, looks like I misunderstood you, Yeah, You are good to me, I will forever remember that in my heart, thank you, hah.”

Just then, the door suddenly opened, and out came a boy wearing juvenile like clothing with his face bearing bright colour, it was Wang Hao.

He coughed loudly after coming out, attracting all the attention, with a proud look, said: “Today, the Spirit Pills haven’t been finished yet, you will have to wait for your turn as Master is still refining, I will call you one by one as and when they are finished.”

Wang Zhuo stared at Wang Hao, grinding his teeth, but was really afraid of offending him, after all Wang Hao is Third Senior’s helper, specifically is responsible for doing odd jobs in DanFang, if I offend him and later Third Senior investigates, then for sure my monthly pills will be withheld.

Wang Hao after he finished saying, swept away his eyes, was surprised when he saw Wang Lin, he quickly stepped forward pulling him aside and whispered: “Brother Tie Zhu congratulations on becoming a True Disciple, when I heard about you I wanted to come talk to you, but the work here couldn’t allow me to take time out to meet you. Don’t worry about what others say, just concentrate on your immortal techniques, let those who look down upon look on.”

Wang Lin felt his heart warming, with a smile said: “Wang Hao, Thank You”

Wang Hao sighed loudly, and said: “At the Clan house on that day, I was going to say something to you but I was stopped by my Father’s glare, you know how it is, I didn’t want to concur with them, Brother Tie Zhu, you must not begrudge me, Ah”

Wang Lin shook his head and said: “It’s a thing of the past, why mention it, I just want to practice, and reach the first layer of Concentrating Qi quickly.”

Wang Hao looked around, taking advantage of the fact that nobody was paying attention, he pulled out a thing and stuffed it into Wang Lin’s arms, and winked at him. A distance voice came from inside the DanFang.

“Helper Boy, why not back yet?”

Wang Hao swore loudly, and quickly ran back into the DanFang.

Wang Lin looked at the thing in his hands, and found three glittering and translucent pills. He quietly placed them in the storage bag, and sat down on the ground cross-legged to start breathing practice while waiting.

Out of the four people standing on the side, the man in his around twenties, indifferently looked at Wang Lin, then sat down on the ground to practice, while the remaining three remained standing on the side.

Wang Zhuo looking pleased with himself tried to speak words of flattery to Zhou Xing, which infuriated Xu Xing who tried to interrupt them now and then.

Time passed slowly as darkness enveloped the earth, while the Moon rose, the door to DanFang opened again, Wang Hao looking tired, came out carrying a tray in his hand.

Inside of which were five low-grade Lingshi fragments and five glittering and translucent pills.

One by one, the people came to receive, when Wang Lin’s turn came, after taking out his share, he smiled at Wang Hao, shaking his hand before leaving.

He remembered in his heart, Wang Hao’s friendship, when he had secretly slipped him three spirit pills.


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