Xian Ni Chapter 20 – Nine Clouds

ObligatoryTLNote: Firstly, thanks to Aho-updates for updating the site database with my links. It should help out you all a lot, I reckon. Anyways, to celebrate this, I am doing a double release. So Enjoy.

Wang Lin also happily idled, though expelled from the Academy, heard many Secret disciples ridiculing in private, but he was also ill at ease, he had gained a rough understanding of XiuXian this month. XiuXian is divided into five stages – Concentrating Qi, Base Building, JieDan, YuanYing, and HuaShen.

In the entire Heng Yue Sect, there are only two masters who have reached JieDan stage, they live high in the mountains which have high concentration of LingQi, isolated they don’t bother with routine matters unless it is highly important for the Sect. In the school, even at the Base Building stage, there are not more than ten people, belonging to the core group which enjoy special privelages and unrestricted use of Immortal stones and Weapons.

Other than them, most have stayed in the Concentrating Qi stage, such as Elder Sun DaZhu who is on the fifth layer of Concentrating Qi stage.

XiuXian is difficult and requires a lot of time, if talent is insufficient, even decades of one’s life fall short, even Concentrating Qi stage is itself difficult, not to mention that going beyond Base Building stage, not only must one have sufficient Qi but having a deep understanding and luck is indispensable.

Wang Lin knew the importance of Lingqi, was very eager to get back the mysterious stone bead.

Although, he is still unable to absorb Lingqi into his body, but he believed that as long as he regularly drinks, stone bead-soaked spring water, then the process will certainly be sped up, after all the Concentrating Qi stage is all about accumulation of Lingqi.

From the way that Sun DaZhu reacted to the gourd filled with bead-soaked spring water, it should have very strong Lingqi, thinking of this, he became very excited, because at the place where he hid the bead, he also has three Gourds filled with Dew from the Stone bead, they are certainly to have even more strong concentration of Lingqi.

If I drink it, at the very least It wouldn’t be any worse than the effect of the herbs that he had been taking this past month. So, Wang Lin was filled with joy because he could leave whenever he want without the monitoring of Sun DaZhu unlike when he was stuck in the Academy.

Since he was a true disciple, although he was expelled from Earth academy, he could find residence in any other Academy among the five academies, so he was currently living in a remote house near the East Gate located near the Fire Academy.

Disciples, depending on the colour of their clothes, enjoy some privelages, Wang Lin came to know about many such things from Sun DaZhu, for example on the 10th of each month, can go to the regular Academy to receive a low-grade pill which increases aura as well as a LingShi fragment.

Once one accumulates ten fragments, then can exchange it for a low-grade LingShi from their Master.

Wang Lin after finishing with reorganization of his room, didn’t immediately go to retrieve his stone bead as he feared that Sun DaZhu was still monitoring him in secret, so in daytime he went to the mountain spring and did breathing practice at his room in the night.

As a matter of fact, Sun DaZhu had continued monitoring him for 10 days, in the end had completely given up.

A month later, Wang Lin, one night quietly left to go to the place where he had kept the Gourds and the Mysterious Bead, he took them and put them in the storage bag, ensuring that no one was around all the way through.

After exercising caution for a further few days, Wang Lin finding nothing amiss, did not go to the Mountain Spring and instead spent the day at his room studying the Bead.

Wang Lin touched the bead, immediately he saw that the Clouds that had been inscribed on the bead had increased from seven to nine now, he presumed it to be a result of heavy moisture in mountain air, allowing the bead to absorb a lot of moisture.

As for the three Gourds, Wang Lin opened them one by one, and found out that the dew had become sticky, and especially the early morning-dew gourd, which had an almost jelly like surface. [TLNote: For those not remembering, Wang Lin had separated gourds on the basis of the time when he collected the dew from the bead leading to varying amounts of efficiency.]

Wang Lin looked at the Bead, then looked at the three Gourds, suddenly a thought appeared in his mind, mysterious bead needs moisture to increase clouds, then if I let the bead absorb the dew from the bottle gourds, perhaps it might even create the tenth cloud?

He trembled with excitement, the bead was not big in size, the nine clouds had covered most of the surface area of the bead, leaving only a finger-nail size space, which Wang Lin hypothesized, is likely to be the location reserved for the tenth cloud to appear.

He pondered a little, he was really anxious to know what would happen after the tenth cloud would appear, and how it would change the bead. After all, once the tenth cloud appears, it leaves no space for an eleventh cloud, so the tenth is definitely the final cloud.

But today, have to go to Academy to receive LingShi, seeing that it was growing dark outside, Wang Lin excitedly put the gourds and the bead back in the storage bag, and went out of the room.

He soon reached familiar roads, and a moment later went to the Academy while it was still dark, he hurriedly walked straight to the room where the LingShi was to be given.

As he came near, he heard a familiar voice.

“Zhou Senior Sister, Master allowed me to do closed-door practice for three months in order to reach Concentrating Qi first layer, but my heart was always thinking about you, and could not calm my mind. I wanted to finish up my practice as soon as possible so that I could see you, last night finally mastered the first layer, and at the night went to the mountains and picked up these beautiful flower petals for you, the flower was guarded by a big snake, I had to work hard to kill the snake, you look at how much my arm was injured.”

Wang Lin frowned, sneered inwardly and continued walking calmly.

Then he heard a crisp female voice: “Brother Wang, for generations my family has been practicing Chinese medicine, this flower is obviously very ordinary with average fragrance, I see many of them every time I go to the mountains, but this is the first time I am hearing that there are snakes to protect it. If that had been so, by now the whole Heng Yue Mountain peak would have been crawling with snakes, Ah Senior Sister Zhou, you must not believe him.” [TLNote: Sry for offtopic but PWNED haha]

At this point, Wang Lin walked into the room, swept his vision across the room, there were two men and two women, all wearing red robes.

One of the two men looked handsome and well groomed, he had a look of embarassment and was about to retort, when suddenly he stared at the entrance, a ridiculous expression covered his face, as he said:

“Wang Lin! You….. Why are you here, you should be at home with your Father doing Carpentary, Ah.”

“Wang Lin? Ah, so you are Wang Lin, who became a Secret Disciple by Suicide, and by flattering Elder Sun became a true Disciple, that is you right, eh!” Standing next to the man, a Girl exclaimed. pShe was wearing a big braid, as well as dark black and thick eyebrows with a pair of jet black eyes, looked beautiful.

The other two persons were also wearing expressions of surprise, constantly looking at Wang Lin, the Girl having a innocent face, long eyelashes and beautiful eyes, which were glittering like two crystal grapes, and showing a look of interest.

Wagn Lin with a blank face, looking at the group  of people, from hearing the girl talk he recognized that the one who had mocked him a while ago was a girl standing next to Wang Zhuo. But, she looked a bit familiar, Wang Lin carefully tried to remember, then recognized that she was the one who had passed the Talent test for Admission that was held a few months ago. Since he recognized her, needless to say, that the other girl must be the Senior Sister Zhou whom Wang Zhuo was offering the flower to.


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