Xian Ni Chapter 19 – By the Door

ObligatoryTLNote: Don’t mind the chapter title, I couldn’t make much sense of it either. But let’s trust the author for now, and move on to the contents. Enjoy.

Sun DaZhu considered the Gourd for a while, still could not feel Qi coming from it, he studied it for a long time from all possible directions, taking a closer look the gourd still looked normal, he even went as far as to hollowing out the gourd including seeds, and filling it with spring water, seeing this several Elder disciples had started laughing.

Wang Lin sneered inwardly, but didn’t let his feelings appear on his face, and said: “I don’t know what is Lingqi, I was just asked to bring back a bottle gourd, and be given Lingshi, can you please tell me, what is Lingqi?”

Feeling dizzy, Sun DaZhu seriously stared at Wang Lin for a long time, for the first time felt doubt in his heart, are there really other gourds as i speculated or only one, which was picked up by this moron?

Pondering a little, thought that what Wang Lin said is indeed reasonable, only after reaching the first layer of Concentrating Qi, will perceive the Lingqi in the surrounding, he felt some regret over having put the cultivation hindering herb in his food, he didn’t even have much talent to begin with, the first layer of Concentrating Qi is already difficult to practice, this kid, after those herbs, I am afraid would not succeed even in three to five years.

With a dark sigh, Sun DaZhu was disheartened but he wasn’t ready to give up, hesitating for a moment, pulling out a small low-grade lingshi from his bag, threw it to Wang Lin, and said: “As promised, here is your Lingshi, take it and go practice, cultivate to the first layer of Concentrating Qi as soon as possible.”

Wang Lin hurriedly picked it up, saying thanks he went back into his room.

Sun DaZhu just stood there, after a long time let out a deep sigh, and whispered to himself: “Although, I hate to do this to a child, but now there is only one last method left to test whether he lied. I will make him achieve the first layer as soon as possible, so long as he reaches the first layer, he would be able to become a member of XiuZhen, I would use the Soul Search technique, as it would not violate the laws of Heaven and Earth if he uses it against someone who is not a mortal, after all I prefer my own standing over his life, and wouldn’t dare use the technique against a mortal.

Soul Search Technique, is a simple immortal technique, but it is too vicious, in all likelihood results in death of the target, but in the best case scenario, will live but with dementia.

However, it is precisely because of this, that Soul Search has restrictions on it’s use, if used on someone who hasn’t even reached first layer, then the user will experience the same feeling as the target.

If the target is a XiuZhen, then there are no such restrictions, but can be used only three times in life and the cultivation goes down each time it is used.

Wang Lin sitting cross-legged in his room, was observing the LingShi in his hand, although he couldn’t observe it clearly when it was in Sun DaZhu’s hands but now up close he could feel it’s power, he closed his eyes and started breathing practice.

Time soon passed and it was night time, Wang Lin sighed, there were still no signs of LingQi entering his body, he smiled wryle but at that moment, the door was pushed open, Sun DaZhu bearing a grim expression and holding a bowl of dark liquid, walked in.

“Drink this!”

Wang Lin started, cautiously glanced at it, did not take the bowl and asked: “Master, what is this?”

Sun DaZhu seeing the expressions on Wang Lin’s face, used Qi to strengthen his voice and shouted: “I wanted to kill you I would have, Ah, If I ask you to drink then drink, this is only to help you reach the first layer of Concentrating Qi as soon as possible, otherwise, why would you think I would stay up all night and spend a lot of my precious herbs to prepare this bowl of medicine.”

Wang Lin hesistantly looked, seeing the look on Sun DaZhu’s face, picked the stone bowl and started drinking it steadily while holding his breath hoping for the best.

After he finished, suddenly feeling akin to hot air started rising up from his stomach, which immediately spread throughout the body, he instantly felt thirsty, as if there was a fire in his stomach burning and grilling from the inside.

He blacked out, and dropping the bowl on the floor, he dizzy and felt very sleepy.

“Start breathing fast, I help you absorb” Sun DaZhu reluctantly put his hand on Wang Lin’s chest.

A surge of cool air flowed throughout his chest, Wang Lin immediately without hesitation started breathing practice. Sun DaZhu grieved looking at the empty black stone bowl, muttered several words, clenched his teeth he pulled out several low-grade LingShi from his bag, and put them before Wang Lin, secretly thought: “Boy, I am spending a lot on you, I will make you pay me back in full for this!”

Soon, a slight feeling of ants crawling and insect climbing on his skin was felt by Wang Lin, Sun DaZhu felt happy as he could feel that the herbs are boosting the rate of Concentrating Qi, and absorbing Lingqi.

But at this time, a stream of impure qi emerged from Wang Lin’s body, and it dissipitated the absorbed Lingqi, thereby ruining the whole thing.

Sun DaZhu looked bitterly, he knew the source of that impure Qi, it was the herbs that he had given him yesterday to affect his cultivation. Trying several times, until all the herbal lingqi dissipitated, but Wang Lin’s body wasn’t able to absorb even a trace of concentrated lingqi.

Sun DaZhu sighed, stared at Wang Lin with mixed feelings.

Wang Lin opened his eyes, felt his body to be light and extremely comfortable was about to say thanks, but Sun DaZhu bitterly flipped his sleeves, and left the room without looking back.

Wang Lin hesitated, unable to figure out what Sun DaZhu was thinking, relaxing his limbs, he walked out of the door, facing Sun DaZhu’s room, he shouted: “Master, I am going to the spring to see how my luck fares today.”

Sun DaZhu didn’t speak, but the gate to the garden quietly opened, Wang Lin left quickly with Sun DaZhu unwilling to lose heart, followed him covertly.

A month soon passed like this, for the whole month, Wang Lin would go to meditate near the spring every day, Sun DaZhu spied on him every day, but as days passed, Sun DaZhu’s slowly grew disheartened.

For the whole month, he gave Wang Lin herbs every day, but the Lingqi wasn’t able to be absorbed and concentrated, Sun DaZhu’s anger also grew day by day.

Most importantly, Sun DaZhu discovered that the Lingqi from the Gourd from before had by now dissipitated over the month and now all the Lingqi was gone, whatever spring water was left inside after pouring out, didn’t have even a trace of Lingqi.

After that, there was nothing to distinguish it from any other ordinary wild bottle gourd, Sun DaZhu couldn’t help but be greatly disappointed, after careful analysis came up with a guess. The Gourd itself is not extraordinary, but after undergoing some changes, it caused a strong Lingqi, presumably Wang Lin only chanced upon it, and is unlikely to have other Gourds.

He became increasingly convinced of that hypothesis, could not help but feel heartache, as for the whole month he didn’t do anything but monitor Wang Lin, and brewing herbs every day, but it turned out as futile as carrying water in bamboo basket, he angrily called Wang Lin, wanting to scold him and expel him from the academy.

As long as he keeps seeing Wang Lin, he will not be able to calm his anger, so if he remains out of his sight, in a while he would be able to forget about him.

In his opinion, Wang Lin although took herbs regularly this past month, but even so, even in a decade, he would not be able to reach first layer of Concentrating Qi, unless he puts his mind to it, and without caring for loss of herbs, keeps providing him with herbs as his disciple.


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