Xian Ni Chapter 18 – Bottle Gourd

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Wang Lin went out of the garden, he was wearing the red robe of true disciples, attracting the attention of Secret disciples, these gazes were full of envy, but when they took a clear look and saw who exactly it was, it straight up turned into deep jealousy.

“Yesterday, the Patriarch announced the admission of a new disciple, it must be him! Became a secret disciple by suicide, this time don’t know what method he used to become true disciple, he is really trash.”

“He is used to it, I remember that he got fairly regular meals, must be result of massaging feet of Elders or something, he did all kinds of dirty things, just to receive the favor of Elders to become a True Disciple, ah, this person is too degrading.”

“Yea, you look at his stupid face, I reckon that even after becoming a True Disciple, he will remain dead last, Xiuxian to become a Saint is not an easy task.”

“This kind of trash, even if by some means has become a True Disciple, then also we don’t need to care too much, after all, he is trash and wherever he may go, he remains trash and will be looked down upon.”

“Damn, I have been a Secret disciple for four years now, have not seen a guy as shameless as him, oh this cruel world, how did the Elder took interest in him? I am stronger than him on all counts, but still stuck here.”

“You have been here for only four years, I have twelve years of experience, but we are relying on real ability to climb up a little by little, now you look at that spineless coward, humph, True Disciples often spar with each other, can’t wait to see him being made a fool out of.”

Such mocking words reach Wang Lin, as he swept his gaze across the faces of the people, at the moment his strength is not enough, but once he is strong enough, he will take his revenge against these people.

Soon, he arrived at the East Gate, he went along on the path to the mountain spring, he soaked his hands in the spring, and washed his face with the water, feeling of cold immediately emerged, feeling refreshed he drank a mouthful and immediately sat down to start breathing practice.

Not far from there, Elder Sun squatting on a tree frowning, whispered curses: “Bastard, said he is going to look for Gourd, but actually really waiting for Gourd to float down from upstream.”

After Wang Lin had gone, he had immediately followed him to see where he went to find the Gourd, he was stunned as he didn’t expect to see Wang Lin actually sitting down near the spring doing breathing practice.

Presence of Lingqi is slightly better here than the room, Wang Lin didn’t get the feeling he got in the Herb garden, but he thought that that feeling depended on the amount of lingqi being absorbed by the body, he may be deficient in talent but absorbing lingqi in small quantities he can eventually make it.

In fact, Wang Lin’s guess is correct, the so-called Concentrating Qi is such a thing, absorbing lingqi into the body to change the system and lay the foundation for the stage of Constructing Base in the future.

Wang Lin kept breathing practice up until noon, when he relaxed his limbs, but even till then the feeling of ants and insects crawling had not appeared, looked around, in his mind, he knew that Sun DaZhu didn’t have any reason to let him go out unsupervised, he presumably followed me and is monitoring me from somewhere.

He touched his belly, then leisurely he made his way back to the Sect, Sun DaZhu flew into a rage, he had been stuck on the tree like an idiot since the morning, muttered: “Son of a bitch, you are stuck with this old-man, even if no result in one day, then will wait for one month, if no result in one month, then will wait for the whole year, I refuse to believe that you only had one gourd!”

With that, he turned sideways, and returned to the herb garden before Wang Lin.

Soon, Wang Lin leisurely came back, Sun DaZhu touching his beard, said with a strong laugh: “Disciple, did you find a gourd this morning?”

Wang Lin sighed, shaking his head he said: “Master, Disciple waited near the spring since morning, but could not see any gourd, I could look in the afternoon, but don’t think I have good luck enough to get one.”

Sun DaZhu thought: “For the whole morning you sat in meditation doing breathing practice, even if a gourd floated infront of you, you wouldn’t have been able to see shit” But turning his mouth into a smile, he said: “Well, Wang Lin, go and have your meal, then go look in the afternoon.”

Wang Lin let out an “Oh”, went into his room, saw a table on which four dishes of meat and vegetables along with soup, enough to make any person develop an appetite, he didn’t ask when the meal was delivered, hurriedly grabbed a few mouthfuls, and finally also drank the soup, patting his stomach, he laid on the bed to take a nap for a little while.

Sun DaZhu suddenly appeared like a ghost, looking gloomy, his eyes holding a vicious look, he thought: “Although, due to fear of being found out, I cannot put poison in your food, but I can put in herbs to hinder your lingqi absorption, hmph, you with your low talent and that herb to hinder you, you would not be able to reach Concentrating Qi level three in your whole life, as the matter stands, you are now firmly in my grasp.”

An hour later, Wang Lin woke up, tidying his clothes and pressing out folds, he went out of the gate to the spring and continued breathing practice, and did so until the Sun had nearly set, at which point Wang Lin stood up lingering around the spring for a while, and without saying anything walked into the Mountain forest.

Sitting on a tree, Sun DaZhu was immediately aroused, and followed him covertly.

Wang Lin slowly went in haphazard directions, when suddenly he arrived at a place where a climbing vine was laden with wild bottle gourds, after selecting a good looking gourd, he picked it out and carrying it in his hand, he walked away. [TLNote: Offtopic but, all hail the Master Troll]

After he left, Sun DaZhu was confused, he thought for a long time looking at the apparently ordinary looking gourds but he nevertheless picked a few of them, remembering the location, he left.

Wang Lin later returned to the herb garden, all the while ignoring the idle chatter of Secret disciples, as he entered the garden, he found Sun DaZhu staring at him with a stern-faced expression.

Wang Lin immediately stood respectfully, handing over the Gourd he said: “Master, luck was good, although this afternoon could not pick up the gourd from the spring, but I strolled around the mountains, and saw a lot, after searching a lot, I found this to be the best among them.”

Sun DaZhu almost unable to control his temper, forcefully suppressed his anger to form a smile, taking the gourd he didn’t even bother looking at it before putting it aside, said to Wang Lin: “I want a Gourd filled with lingqi just like before, but you bring me this worthlessWild Gourd, which is as useful as fart!”

Unable to control his anger, he yelled out his frustrations. He thought in his heart, ah, the whole day was wasted in monitoring this kid playing around, and in the end the idiot really brought a few useless wild gourds back.


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