Xian Ni Chapter 17 – XiuXian

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok, so brace yourselves everyone, the real shit that you have all been waiting for is now here. From here on out, the real journey into the mysteries of becoming a Saint begins. Hope you enjoy it just as much as I do TLing it. Btw for people not in the know,  I consider XiuXian to hold the approximate same meaning as Cultivation from Douluo Dalu or Practice from Stellar Transformations. I will some time use these words interchangeably so don’t be confused. I will add an entry in this regard in the Glossary just in case.

P.S. Can’t wait to see the reactions of people at the end of the chapter.


Waiting in the Garden, Elder Sun was waiting for Wang Lin to come, his heart was burning and his face was ashen, remembering the Patriarch’s words as he spoke to him a moment ago, he even remembered all the mocking words of his fellow disciples, he thought: “After I take all the bottle gourds and refine enough immortal pills, I will be able to vastly improve my cultivation, then we will see who laughs.”

After a while, Wang Lin arrived at the garden, Elder Sun’s mood hadn’t improved and he shouted: “Wang Lin, from today onwards, you are my, Sun DaZhu’s, disciple , you must seriously Xiuxiuan, you cannot let your teacher’s name be blemished! Then he threw a small pouch, adding: “This functions as Disciple’s identity, but it can also function as a storage bag, it can store many things even clothes, book detailing Xiuxian techniques is on the inside, go take a look at it.”

Wang Lin excitedly picked it up quickly, with his parent’s expectations on his mind, he could finally Xiuxian to become a Saint. He felt a genuine and sincere to call Sun DaZhu, Master.

Sun DaZhu turned his eyes and said: “You will be living in the back room, but without my permission you will not be allowed to go out.”

With that, he picked up a stone and threw it behind the garden gate, it exuded a purple shine before the stone was crushed and dissipitated into the air as dust.。

Completing all this, Sun DaZhu sneered at Wang Lin, who was no longer paying attention, wanting to enter the house.

Wang Lin squinting, his heart shook, as he looked around while holding his bad, to see the room he was in, it was completely bare except for a small bed, but no longer minding it, he sat down on the bed to observe the contents of the storage bag.

He couldn’t see anything extraordinary about the little gray pouch, Wang Lin turned it upside down, causing several things to fall out, a red inner disciple’s robe, and a stitch-bounded booklet.

Wang Lin happily picked up the booklet, feeling excited, he turned to look at the first page which said:

“Concentrating Qi Three Segments”

Until midnight, in the light of the lamp, he closed the book, excited at the prospect of having some basic understanding, as he understood that Concentrating Qi and it’s three levels are the most basic method of Xiuxian. Although it describes Concentrating Qi phase to have fifteen levels, but only after practicing past the first three levels, can one obtain the core method.

This so called Concentrating Qi, places emphasis on breathing technique, allowing the lingqi to enter the body and changing it from within laying the foundation for the future. [TLNote: Lingqi basically means Spirit Gas, atleast as far as I understood]

And this is where the talent of the practitioners is tested, the more talented the practitioner the faster he is able to absorb lingqi, which leads to a natural increase in speed of practice. But if ordinary talent or worse, then it is likely that in whole lifetime, would not be able to refine upto third level, or worse, would not even be able to cross the first layer.

This Concentrating Gas three segments, appeared of great value to Wang Lin, committing the method to the three levels to his memory, he sat down cross-legged with his eyes closed, according to the booklet, it requires breathing in three short pattern. [TLNote: Three short pattern is something I cooked up after struggling with this for half-an-hour, I may also be influenced by my rudimentary knowledge of Yoga so take this with a pinch of salt and disbelief] For a so-called long breath, the time to inhale is long, as for the three short pattern, you have to inhale and exhale in only one-third of that time. It is in this counter-intuitive way of breathing, that the body absorbs lingqi at the fastest rate.

Booklet has noted, that often Practitioners starting to breath in this pattern for the first time, will have the feeling of ants and insects crawling all over their body, which is a sign of lingqi entering their body, no need to be nervous at that, only need to relax and imagine the self turning into nothingness and integrating with the world.

After a long time, Wang Lin discovered that not only he didn’t feel any sense of lingqi entering, using this strange pattern of breathing, he felt out of breath.

Wang Lin sighed, knew that usually True Disciples are extraordinarily talented, and that this booklet is designed around them, as he was ordinarily talented, he cannot compare to them in method of practice.

But he did not give up, after catching his breath, he continued the strange breathing pattern.

The Night passed slowly, until the next morning, Wang Lin still didn’t feel any lingqi entering his body, he had spent the whole night without sleep, with his head groggy, he got out of bed and went out through the door.

Outside a light breeze is flowing, filling his nostrils with the fragrance of herbs, slightly dispelling his tiredness, he began to miss the bead-soaked spring water bottle gourd, but in his mind, he knew that if he could drink from it, he would no longer be so tired.

But now is not the time to act so carelessly, he was quite confident of having hidden the mysterious bead in a remote place in the mountains, and that even if others passed through there, they would not be able to find it.

He strolled toward the garden, Wang Lin with a blank face, sat down cross-legged to continue breathing, soon, an extremely weak feeling emerged as if ants were crawling on his skin, Wang Lin, was startled and was about to continue when he heard his Master’s voice: “Wang Lin, what are you doing, I didn’t permit you to practice in the herb garden.”

Wang Lin opened his eyes, saw Sun DaZhu staring at him gloomily, so he silently got up and left the herb garden.

Sun DaZhu snorted and said: “You better go and find a different place to be, this is my garden and it has exotic herbs exuding concentrated lingqi, if you suck this lingqi these precious herbs will die, and your little life would not be enough to compensate for my loss.”

Wang Lin looked at Sun DaZhu, and said respectfully: “Disciple did not know, will never again practice here.”

Sun DaZhu turned his eyes slowly, suddenly said: “But if you can get me a Gourd, although I can not let you practice in my garden, but I can get you a low-grade lingshi, with that, you will be able to concentrate qi in large quantities easily.” [TLNote: From my meagre guess-fu, I thing lingshi means spirit stone]

Wang Lin bowed, an expression of ridicule flashing past his face, said: “Disciple can go to Mountain spring to have a look again, if luck is good, may be able to find one.”

Sun DaZhu pondered a bit, his eyes flashed, nodding he said: “You go look, just remember that as long as you bring me a gourd, I will give you low-grade lingshi!”

Wang Lin looked up at Sun DaZhu, and asked: “Master, are you serious? If I bring back a gourd, will you give me a low-grade lingshi?”

Sun DaZhu with a happy expression, hastily said: “Yes, as long as I see the Gourd, I will give you a low-grade Lingshi.”

Wang Lin sneered inwardly, but on the surface he appeared respectful, as he bowed.

Sun DaZhu with his right hand pinched a seal, murmured a few words, flung it with his arm, suddenly the gate opened making a creaking sound, stroking his beard, he said: “Go, Go quickly and come back just as fast.”


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