Xian Ni Chapter 16 – Disciple

ObligatoryTLNote: I would like to take this opportunity to discuss some terms that I have been taking more than the usual liberties with. Well, top on my list is the term for ” 院 “, the mdbg dictionary defines it as courtyard / institution. But seeing as how there were multiple branches of such courtyard / institutions, I decided to name it Academies (For some reason that at that time I saw fit). Relevant Raw: 恒岳派分为五副一正六院,五副分别是金木水火土,各有记名弟子居住

Moving forward, I would like to hear your opinion as to whether I should continue with Academy or change it? Also, on that note, should I refer to the Head of the Sect as Patriarch or just Head of the Sect? I would like to hear everyone’s opinion on it as it helps in keeping inaccuracies to a minimum.

Wang Lin felt as if he was transparent under that Old Man’s gaze, and that he could see both his outside and inside.

The Old Man frowned, he didn’t find anything unusual in Wang Lin, he asked with a heavy voice: “Wang Lin, when did you come back?”

Wang Lin had just met this Old man, but he could already feel his heart beating, quickly said: “Disciple, came back last night, and today early morning heard from Senior Liu that you came looking for me, so I immediately rushed here.”

Elder Sun, looking gloomy, dropped everything he was holding and grabbed Wang Lin, he seemingly took a footstep as a rainbow appeared suddenly, he had apparently gone straight to Wang Lin’s room.

Too fast, Wang Lin had a feeling of suffocation, but fortunately not for long, as they quickly arrived at his room, throwing Wang Lin to the side, Elder Sun scanned the room with his spirit.

“Huh?” Elder Sun moved towards Wang Lin’s bed, and from underneath his bed, he grabbed the bottle gourd which was filled with bead-soaked spring water.

Wang Lin appeared calm on the surface, but his heart was thumping loudly, he was at a loss for words to say.

Elder Sun looked at it carefully for a while, then turning towards Wang Lin,stared at him a while before asking in a low and deep voice: “Wang Lin, what is in this gourd?”

Wang Lin hastily played the fool: “Elder, this gourd is filled with mountain spring water, this spring is amazing, every time I was tired, I took a sip and felt refreshed immediately after drinking, I saw a book at the time of my childhood, saying that things of Immortals are good, didn’t expect even the spring water to be so magical. Elder if you want this spring water, in the Chores office, there are ten big tanks as big as houses all filled with water I personally fetched from the mountains.”

Elder Sun opened the gourd, and smelled it, his face change colour, eagerly asked: “Who told you about Spring water, where did you find this bottle gourd? Say it!”

Wang Lin started, innocently asked: “Elder, Is there any problem with this Gourd? During my time fetching water, I saw it floating upstream and I fished it out thinking it to be something good.”

Elder Sun narrowed his eyes, and looked at Wang Lin, touching the Gourd, he thought: “This Gourd is full of strong aura of qi, if a mortal drinks such spring water soaked in this gourd, then if he manages to not throw up, then he would indeed be able to absorb, and will indeed feel refreshed, thus, he is not lying but such a thing is wasted with him, if used for refining liandan, then it will be very effective.”

As for the withered herbs, this likely related to the Gourd, some allelopathic principle might exist between them, but that will remain unknown until proper testing.”

Thinking about this, he moved his gaze, carefully looking at the Gourd with rapt attention, then with a sullen gaze stared at Wang Lin and said: “Wang Lin you are quite daring, you dare to deceive the Elders, it seems you have stayed in Heng Yue Sect for enough time.”

Wang Lin with a puzzle look on his face, quickly said: “Elder, I didn’t lie to you, Ah, there at the chores office the ten large tanks are really………”

Before allowing him to finish, Elder Sun laughing sarcastically said: “You trying to play the fool with me, what I asked was where you got this bottle gourd from, looking at the stalk above the bottle gourd it seems freshly broken off, you said you picked it from the mountain spring, Wang Lin, I give you your last chance, tell me where you picked this bottle gourd from, otherwise, I will expel you from Heng Yue Sect!”

Wang Lin, with anger erupting on his face, revealed a belligerent expression on his face: “If want to expel me then I will go, ever since I have come to Heng Yue Sect I have been doing nothing but fetching water every day to fill the ten large tanks, I often got to eat a meal only once a week. If not for the sweet potatoes my mother gave me, I would have starved to death already, this is not Xiuxian, this is just pure torture.

With great difficulty I had managed to fish out this Bottle Gourd from the water, If you want to take it then take it away directly, why say that I deceived you, as for the stalk on this gourd, it bears no relation to me,maybe somebody else broke it off and threw it into the mountain spring, you ask me, but I don’t have a clue either!”

Elder Sun glanced at the luggage on the side and saw the sweet potatoes, looking at the gourd in his hand, he pondered a little, sneering inwardly, he thought: “Although, I can take this bottle gourd, but snatching a Secret disciple’s treasure and also expelling him, if this spreads out, my reputation will be smeared, moreover if the others come to know about its value, they may try to snatch it and I wouldn’t be able to get it back. The others must not know of this, but the kid is definitely hiding something, there must be more than one of these gourds. If I am able to get them all, I would surely be able to refine lots of immortal pills (liandan).”

Thinking so, he pondered a while, and immediately put on a suprised look, and exclaimed: “You suffered so much, even went through the whole week without a meal, I did not know of this, since I came to know today, I will deal with this, even Secret disciples are Disciples of Heng Yue Sect!”

Then, seeing that Wang Lin still looked angry, sneering inwardly, but with amiable expression he said: “Wang Lin, I want this Gourd, but I will not do injustice with you, are you willing to become my helper?”

Wang Lin said in a dull voice: “Helpers are merely servants, If my father knew that I was doing such a thing, he will surely kill me.”

Elder Sun barely managed to control his temper, he wanted to slap his father to death, after all, he was a second generation disciple even if a bit inferior, but even so, if he said that he wanted to bring this kid in as a disciple, secret disciples will come after his head. [TLNote: I can’t for the life of me understand the last sentence so hopefully someone can help me out here and tell me what this means : 记名弟子都得削尖了脑袋往前冲]

Swallowing his anger, he snappily said: “Ok, I accept you as my disciple, I will go and tell the Head about this, you wait for me in the garden after packing up your things.” Tossing up his sleeves, walked out of Wang Lin’s room and with clouds emerging beneath his feet, he went straight to the Head. [TLNote: Do you guys want me to use something like Patriarch to denote the Head of the Sect? or something else?]

When he left, Wang Lin had a dark expression on his face, sneered inwardly, this old guy had malafide intentions and accepted him as a disciple to only get more gourds.

Wang Lin pondered a little, then started laughing, with the thought that there are a lot of Gourds in the Mountains that only when the bead is immersed in water does it become special, but was able to become a True Disciple, would take this opportunity to practice nicely.

Thinking so, his heart jumped with excitement, packing up his things and leaving a lot of sweet potatoes for Zhang Hu, he leisurely walked toward the Academy.

This time, he didn’t have to wait for permission, he just went directly into the Academy, sitting cross-legged on a tree the White-clad Youth, glanced down but didn’t stop him since he had just received news of Wang Lin being accepted as a disciple of Elder Sun, so he turned his mouth in a mocking smile and said: “Trash Master accepted a Trash Disciple, truly a fitting pair.”


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      Heng mountain faction Is divided into five one being six homes,five respectively is elements,each have secret disciple live

      The same line; permanent mountain faction is divided into five six institutes, five distinction yes Jin Mushui fire clay, various has the recording a name disciple lives

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