Xian Ni Chapter 15 – Suspicion

ObligatoryTLNote: Great things are a foot, for even the little things can snowball into great events, we have now entered a new arc!! (This is something that I am saying arbitrarily and not decided by actual author-san, and technically we might have entered a few chapters back, but I can say it indubitably now). So, enjoy the buildup and rest assured, but don’t forget to enjoy your daily dose!

Zhang Hu stumbled and went towards the table, but before he could pour out even a single drop of water, he was startled, he rubbed his eyes before looking around to see that the bedding was dry and wrinkled, his eyes transfixed on Wang Lin he said: “Wang Lin, when you came back, did you…….did you bring back a drought spirit or something?”

Wang Lin smiling, opened the door and said: “I do not know, it was like that when I came back, why don’t you ask the others, but if this spreads to the Elders, chances are you might end up in trouble, possibly even interrogated.”

Zhang Hu shook his head vigorously and said: “Well, I will not speak of this, otherwise will be questioned by everyone and if my answer is not satisfactory might even deny me any future chance of training.”

Wang Lin didn’t care, he went out to see that there is a slight drizzle going on, he pondered a bit before setting out on an unused path, worried that the ongoing absorption of droplets by the beads will lead to drawing unwanted attention, he was quite nervous, lest he be found out he had originally planned to hide the bead in his room, but changed that and now believed that hiding it somewhere outside is a much better option.

He went to the place where he usually hid his bottle gourds, there was not much light and not many people were up, walking cautiously while ensuring that no one was around, he quickly hides the bead.

Once this is done, he felt quite relieved, he intended to wait for the rain to stop and will come back to pick the bead up once the rain was over, looking around Wang Lin prudently left. After arriving at the office where chores were given out, he was about to pick up the bucket, when disciple Liu Xing pushed open the door with a “squeak” sound, exposing his monkey-like yellow weasel face, seeing Wang Lin he is startled and immediately he grows enthusiastic, and goes forward snatching the bucket from Wang Lin’s hand: “Of if this is not brother Wang Lin, how was your visit, how were your parent’s, when you were away, your seniors and me missed you, ah.”

Wang Lin was stunned, he was very familiar with the face that Liu Xing was making, it was similar to his relatives, but what he did not understand was why Liu Xing was singing a different tune.

“Brother Liu, my parents are well, you don’t need to worry about it.” Unable to reason out anything, Wang Lin was very cautious.

“Ah Brother, you go to work daily and are up so early everyday, Brother, you must believe me that making you fetch ten large tanks of water in a day was just a joke between us fellow disciples, but you took it so seriously, from now you only have to fill one tank of water a day, moreover even if unable to fill, you are free to eat meal, if some people trouble you feel free to tell me his name, I will take care of it!” Disciple Liu Xing said so extremely enthusiastically.

Wang Lin’s face grew an odd experssion, hesistantly he said: “Senior, Is there anything you want me to do?”

Disciple Liu Xing immediately showed a dissatisfied expression, faking anger he said: “Junior, why are you looking at us fellow disciples as if we were strangers, you are my junior, I am perfectly justified in being good to you, and I am helping you with the chores in good faith, I am a man of my word, today it is raining so it would be a good idea to not work today, by the way, Brother, a few days back Elder Sun came to find you and now that you are back it would be good for you to report to him.” With that he squinted at Wang Lin to see his reaction.

Wang Lin pondered a bit, a faint smile spread across his face, he had guessed the reason for the change in behaviour, Elder Sun must have come here to find me, under some misunderstanding this Liu Xing, is trying his best to please me. He didn’t bother clearing this misconception, he saw that Liu Xing was observing him, so he snorted out an “Oh”.

Seeing Wang Lin’s expression, Disciple Liu Xing’s heart thumped, he was now even more sure of his guess, he thought that even though this kid is trash, he must have really caught the attention of the Elder, otherwise would not be acting so arrogant. To him, the boy looked like the person who would bear a grudge, and create obstacles for him, he would definitely put things in order in the future.

He had been a Secret disciple for thirteen years, had been responsible for giving out chores for six years, but he had never seen an Elder willing to seek out a secret disciple personally.  Usually, even if a disciple is summoned it’s an extraordinary thing.

He also didn’t think that Wang Lin would have offended the Elder, although he wasn’t that sure of it, ah, but he cannot go on being scared of every possible eventuality, after all he has been in Heng Yue Sect for many years, and knows that in the sect the water is very deep and a secret disciple small fry like him isn’t even worth noticing.

Thinking so, he grit his teeth, took out a yellow piece of paper from his bosom, and gave it to Wang Lin: “Ah Brother, when I saw you last month, it felt to me like old friends meeting for the first time, this is a small gift from your fellow disciple, please you must accept, if you don’t…….”

Before he could finish, Wang Lin grabbed the yellow paper, his eyes scanned the paper, noticing that it was the same immortal talisman used to send them home.

“You’re too kind, Senior, but forgive your Junior is a bit impolite, as Elder is waiting for me, I will come back tomorrow to reminisce together.” Wang Lin said so chuckling.

Liu Xing nodded and enviously said: “Elder is important, Junior go quickly.”

Although Wang Lin appeared calm on the surface, but inside doubts were rising, why did Elder Sun came to find him, what did he want? With such questions, Wang Lin leisurely walked toward the Academy, analyzing various possibilities on the way but unable to reach a conclusion.

“Has he discovered my mysterious bead?” Wang Lin hesitated for a bit, but realized that if he didn’t go it would annoy the Elder and raise suspicion, on the contrary, he can always play the fool since he doesn’t have the bead on his body, thinking so, he strode forward.

Before long, he arrives at the academy, the white-clad youth was there, who was surprised and asked: “Why visit again?”

Wang Lin raised his eyebrows, was about to speak when suddenly a voice came out from afar, it was Elder Sun’s voice

“Quickly, bring him to me without delay!”

White-clad Youth curled his lip and looked at Wang Lin astonished, but the two nevertheless made their way to Elder Sun. Wang Lin followed silently.

After reaching Elder Sun’s residence, the White-clad Youth left, but before leaving he looked at Wang Lin again, with a strange expression on his face.

Wang Lin grew a bit nervous, he opened the garden gate to go in, saw an Old man coming out of his room into the garden, his face had a lot of wrinkles, but his eyes were bright and coldly swept over Wang Lin.


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