Xian Ni Chapter 14 – Unusual Transformation

ObligatoryTLNote: Surprised to see so many new readers joining us in this grand 2k+ chapter journey that we have decided to undertake of this web novel. I would like to remind everyone that for everyone’s benefit I do keep updating the Glossary page, with relevant Chinese terms that recur and for which I would rather not make TLnotes everytime. With that said, look forward to some excitement, because our MC is surely living in interesting times.


Wang Lin felt a warm feeling spreading through his heart, after all he had spent the whole month seeing cold expressions of people, and finally came home immediately could feel his parent’s concern for him.

“Second Brother, Wang Lin is a disciple of Saints, I was blind and said a few harsh words, don’t take them too seriously, you know your Sixth brother, that I may be sharp-tongued but always have a soft-heart for Wang Lin.

“Second Sister-in-Law, earlier when I cancelled the engagement, my girl refused to listen to me, I realized I may have been too anxious earlier, now tell me what I must do to persuade you to let my daughter marry your Wang Lin, and consider the marriage as surely decided?” [TLNote: I usually don’t make off-topic Tlnotes that much but seriously this b**ch drives me crazy]

“Lao Er, your Uncle is old, Wang Clan will depend on you in future, in this life your Uncle, felt your child to be the most talented, he has a lot of future prospects, truly speaking, I think your child is much better than your brother’s kid.”

Wang Lin’s Parents looked positively flushed, and after a little while, the birthday banquet began, all the relatives were full of praises for Wang Lin and some after drinking a bit, even shouted that Wang Lin’s Father was unjustly separated from clan property and that he should come back to claim his rightful share. Wang Lin’s father smiled but did not say anything, for he knew these relatives all too well.

More importantly, he didn’t care about such things anymore, he just wanted his son to grow better and stronger, and nothing else.

After a busy day, when dusk came, all the relatives left, Wang Lin looked at the yard to see large and small gifts, he sighed inwardly, he remembered that it is often said in books that when a man achieves the Dao, his poultry and dogs rise to Heaven, he truly understood that now. [TLNote: Regarding that Dao and poultry idiom, it is something that means if a person achieves success then the benefits trickle down to his cronies/underlings also, probably referring to acclaim received by Wang Lin’s parents courtesy his being accepted into Heng Yue]

At night, Wang Lin’s parents asked him about his school life, Wang Lin seeing his parent’s expectant eyes, lied to his parent’s for the first time ever, and described what all things are popular in the school, how they practice immortal techniques, and Wang Lin’s parents excitedly listened to him with their mouth open in awe.

For his Parents, even if have to suffer ridicule and mockery as Secret disciple, he would clench his teeth and endure, after all, from childhood to present, he had never seen his parents so happy.

“It is only for Ten Years, I can endure!” Wang Lin inwardly resolved.

Wang Lin stayed at home with his mother and father for two days, on the third day in the morning, he was sent off by his parents and villagers, he stuck the immortal talisman and left.

Even from a distance, he could hear the envious voices of the villagers.

Today it was getting dark, dark clouds appeared looking like imaginary big stone’s, the humidity too was increasing leading to increase in mist.

Wang Lin couldn’t help but pick up the pace, finally arriving at Heng Yue Sect at midnight. Lying on his bed, Zhang Hu was still sound asleep, Wang Lin however could not sleep due to the bursts of thunder appearing again & again, and lightning once struck so close it led to lighting up the entire room, Wang Lin touched the stone bead wrapped across his chest, he had asked his mother to sew a small pouch in which he had put the bead.

He took out the stone bead from the pouch, Wang Lin borrowing light of the lamp, looked closely at the bead when he noticed something, rubbing his eyes he focused intently, staring at the cloud pattern on the bead.

“Ah, Wait, Last time i saw five clouds inscribed on it, but now there are six?” Wang Lin was surprised and carefully counted, there were indeed six clouds.

He was stunned, at the same time, grew more and more curious of the bead, but put it back into the pouch and switched off the lamp, laid down still trying to figure it out.

There was a Squall erupting outside, thunder and lightning galore, pitter-patter of raindrops could be heard as they fell from the sky, Wang Lin was woken up from his sleep as a blow of cold wind rushed in, he opened his eyes suddenly dumbfounded.

Several flashes of lightning lit up the whole room, the room was filled with thick mist, the table, the ground and even the bedding, everything was wet, but Wang Lin saw that apart from the chest area, other areas are not wet, he hurriedly looked to Zhang Hu to see that he appeared white from the cold, his clothes wet, frost appearing all over his body, eyes closed, face purple blue and his teeth chattering.

“Zhang Hu, Zhang Hu!” Wang Lin, surprised, quickly got up and tried to shake Zhang Hu for a long time trying to wake him up but he didn’t show any sign of waking up, moreover even his breathing appeared to have stopped.

In panic, Wang Lin was about to go out and look for other disciples to seek help, at that moment, he suddenly stopped, touched his clothes, and doubt arose within him.

“Why is it that even though I am in the same room, and bedding is chock full of water, but I lying on top of it, wasn’t wet in any other areas besides my chest?” Wang Lin shuddered, looked down at his chest, and quickly took out the mysterious bead.

At that moment, all the water drops in the room, started vibrating and gently floating, even the white mist covering Zhang Hu, sent out water droplets floating in the air.

At that moment, another lightning flashed, Wang Lin was stunned to see all the water droplets shine like crystals and each & every crystal drop suddenly and quickly started entering the mysterious bead in his hand.

Wang Lin hurriedly threw the bead, and dropped down to escape from Water drops that had been converging on the bead like lasers.

The Mysterious bead falling in an arc like trajectory, fell to the ground and rolled to the side, all the water droplets quickly shot above and dissipitated into the bead.

Soon after, all the water in the room was gone, even the wet bedding had become dry, Zhang Hu’s breathing had returned to normal, his wrinkled clothes were still sticking to his body.

After a long time, although there were still thunderstorms outside, but the weather was no longer dark, relying on the moonlight, Wang Lin stood up, and hesistantly stepped forward to pick up the mysterious bead, and looking at it closely noticed some changes.

Now there were Seven Clouds inscribed on it!

This scene, had caused Wang Lin to feel not only curiousity but also a trace of fear of the mysterious bead, if he hadn’t woken up and taken out the bead, Zhang Hu would have frozen to death.

As to why he was alright himself, Wang Lin hesitating a bit, attributed it to him drinking the bead soaked water and the droplets being absorbed by the bead.

But as regards the clouds inscribed on the bead, Wang Lin was keenly interested in finding out what exactly the role these clouds played in the end, he thought about it for a long time but in the end decided to not let the bead out again to absorb more rain, as he worried about attracting too much attention.

Hesitating, he carefully put the bead back in the pouch and wrapped it back in it’s place and before long, dawn broke, Wang Lin set about to do his chores, when Zhang Hu woke up: “Water, Water, I need water to drink before I die of thirst.”


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