Xian Ni Chapter 13 – Elder Sun

ObligatoryTLNote: Some people were confused what happened at the end of the previous chapter, while this chapter offers no direct explanation, I believe you should be able to connect the dots. A more clear and direct explanation would follow quite a while later. Nevertheless, hope you enjoy the chapter (and forgive me for being so inconsistent with my translations, really sorry, but these are the disadvantages of MTLs)

Bewildered, Elder Sun walked to take a closer look and found that it is not just grass that had turned blue, even flowers had suffered various degrees of withering, but none as serious as the grass.

He clearly remembered that these herbs were green and exuberant at noon, how could they become like this the very same afternoon. He grabbed some strands of the blue grass and looked closely, it looked like the blue grass had lost all of it’s moisture, it had become dry, this led him to ponder a while, rubbed his hand on the ground, found that the soil was moist, the environment around here was conducive for growth of herbs, it made him wonder.

After a long time, his eyes flashed with realization, he muttered: “This afternoon, only one person came here, that secret disciple, but how did he caused the herbs to dry?”

Thinking about this, he decided to find out and emptying his hands, his body started floating with colourful clouds emerging from underneath him, quickly leaving the academy, and a moment later, arrived at secret disciples place.

“Who is the Disciple in charge here?” Elder Sun voice caused a low boom, suddenly bursting into thunder, the yellow-clad Liu Xing hurried out of his room, pale from fear and trembling, he quickly knelt down on the ground.

Elder Sun frowned impatiently: “Is Wang Lin registered here?”

Disciple Liu Xing could feel his heart tremble, he did not think that an Elder who usually is so aloof, would actually come here to inquire about a trash like Wang Lin, panic stricken he thought of how he had made life difficult for him, suddenly grew pale and spoke in a frightened tone: “The Disciple……..Wang Lin…. is indeed registered here, He is hard-working, does his chores earnestly, he is an example for other disciples to model…. I……”

Elder Sun did not know whether to laugh or cry, but inwardly appreciates that Liu Xing was afraid of him, and showed respect toward him as a result of this fear, actually Heng Yue Disciple Elder is not that high of a post, all second-generation disciples are Elders, of course on the other hand as far as Secret disciples are concerned, they can never become Elders.

Although in the eyes of this Secret disciple, he is an Elder, but in fact his standing among Second generation disciples is next to negligible, his strength is also inferior, even Third generation disciples also secretly mock him.

Otherwise, he would not be made responsible for a trivial job like sending secret disciples back to their relatives.

With a straight face, Elder Sun asked: “Where is Wang Lin’s residence?”

“In……In the Earth subdivision of the academy, located in the north…….”

Before he could finish, Elder Sun had already begun to move, turning into a rainbow, he quickly moved toward north.

Liu Xing grew even more nervous in his heart, regret filled his heart, he secretly vowed that next time he sees Wang Lin, he would not act so sarcastic, he would flatter him to try and get on his good side, after all he must be Elder’s favourite if he personally came to check up on him.

Elder Sun came to the Earth subdivision of the Academy, using his spirit to sense, he did not find Wang Lin, pondered a little before going directly to Wang Lin’s room, Zhang Hu was lying on the bed sleeping and didn’t notice in the slightest the Elder come in.

Carefully investigating the room with his spirit, Elder Sun frowned, murmured: “Left so early, nevermind, I will wait for him to come back and that wouldn’t make much difference.”

Wang Lin walking in the mountains, having stuck the immortal talisman to his legs, felt really great after using it as a stream of hot air gathered near his legs, leaving behind him shining bright white light which and he from afar looked similar to a true Saint.

Especially to wild beasts, who seeing the white light didn’t dare come close.

Wang Lin could feel the breeze and the fresh mountain air, as he went non-stop in the direction of his house as he remembered it.

Passing the silent night, the next morning when dawn broke, he took a sip from the gourd which filled him with energy, he turned to look that the forest had ended, and moving forward some distance he would reach the recognized path to the village.

Not standing still, he walked fast, under the bright blue sky, he entered the town, a fair was being held, Wang Lin roamed around to buy some gifts for his parents and then left quickly.

He reached the village around three o’clock in the afternoon, seeing his home from afar, a distinct sense of nostalgia filled him.

Saw a horse carriage surrounded by many people hustling and bustling.

Wang Lin was stunned, quickly approached only to stop outside the door, he was amazed at seeing so many relatives having gathered to celebrate, who only saw a white light streak by and then Wang Lin appeared before them.

Everyone feeling envious, poured lavish praises on him.

“Second Brother, Wang Lin is back, this kid is really talented and handsome, appears to be Saint material.”

“Oh Yea, no need to regret that he couldn’t get in at first, in the end he was chosen as a disciple, after all the future of our Wang Clan is in the hands of these three children.”

“My eyes had gone dim with old age, I wasn’t able to see the merits of this child, but look Wang Lin can compare with the likes of Wang Zhuo and Wang Hao, clearly is extraordinarily talented, good, good, good!” Wang Clan’s Eldest loudly exclaimed touching his white beard clearly forgetting the vicious face he displayed a few months ago.

“This kid, Wang Lin is certainly intelligent, I told you that he would become a Saint one day, but last time was a mistake, even Saints can make mistakes not to mention us mortals, Wang Lin do not hate your Fifth Uncle, Ah I have come here to apologize”.

Apparently, the opinions of all the relatives had changed drastically, now all of them were wearing large smiles and intimate expressions.

But Wang Lin remaiend cold-hearted, at this point his Father dressed in a shroud, stepped out from the house, taking the hand of Wang Lin in surprise, asked with concern: “Tie Zhu, why did you come back, did I not tell you, to be at ease in Heng Yue Sect, and not keep thinking about home.”

Wang Lin looked at his father, clearly a lot less wrinkles on his face, apparently must have been very happy these days, then smiled and said: “Don’t worry Dad, Every disciple has opportunity to come back home upto three times in a year, so after your Birthday celebration is done I will return.”

Wang Lin’s father proudly glanced at all the relatives, before pulling Tie Zhu and shouting: “Wang Lin’s mother, look who’s back.” [TLNote: I don’t know about chinese, but I know of a similar cultural reference as where I live, husband and wife instead of using names to address each other, use their kid’s name like X’s Father, or X’s mother, although this trend is gradually changing with onset of western influence]

Wang Lin’s mother, who was surrounded by a lot of female relatives, chattering to each other, looked up on hearing the voice, surprised at seeing Wang Lin, she quickly ran over and took Wang Lin’s hand before fussing over him.


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