Xian Ni Chapter 12 – Immortal Talisman

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During the whole month, almost all of the secret disciples, that Wang Lin met, showed aloof expressions, and upon seeing his face mocked him.

Wang Lin ignored this, he knew that the secret disciples have perverted and twisted minds, and until he had arrived they were the lowest level in the sect, suffering the constant toil unable to vent, however, now that he had arrived and become secret disciple by suicide, his position was even lower than that of ordinary secret disciples, no doubt that he became the target of everyone’s bullying.

Sneering inwardly, he knew that such kind of things would not be solved by resisting, in the sect only strength matters, those secret disciples who have been here since before him are no doubt strong, and some have even learned basic immortal techniques, if he resisted against them he would surely lose.

But Wang Lis not a pushover either, although is bearing all the insults for now, he is patiently waiting for the day that he is able to match others in strength.

With this idea, he acted as if he was blind and deaf, no matter what others said, he still stuck to his work, fetching water daily in addition to secretly studying the mystical bead.

He experimented with various liquids to soak the bead into, spring water, dew, sweat, even blood he used but in the end he finally found that dew still gave the best results.

However, even dew could be distinguished, for instance the dew which appeared in the morning was the best, followed by the dew accumulated in night, and if dew was collected from other objects then the effect was even worse.

After that in terms of efficiency is Spring water, blood and sweat are almost ineffective, hardly any effect at all.

In order to not attract attention, he gathered a few wild bottle gourds, and after hollowing them used  them to hold a variety of dew.

He didn’t keep all those gourds with him, instead he found a remote place, and placed the gourds in separate places deeply burying them in the ground, and except when he had to complete his daily tasks, he never returned to the sect.

He carried a bottle gourd filled with spring water dew, and drank a few mouthful everytime he got tired and was immediately refreshed as a result.

In addition, Wang Lin also discovered a strange phenomenon, that is, whether night time or early morning time, a large amount of dew drops formed on the bead, but at the time of collecting, most of them disappear leaving only a tenth of the original amount.

Regarding this strange phenomenon, Wang Lin presumed that they must be absorbed by the bead, and altough this explanation is a little absurd, Wang Lin couldn’t find any other pausible explanation for it.

One evening, Wang Lin filling the final three tanks, says to the yellow-clad Youth who is sitting in meditation: “Brother Liu, I want to go home so I won’t be able to come tomorrow.”

The youth Liu Xing, opened his eyes to see Wang Lin, before snorting out “Oh?”.

Wang Lin did not mind, he had learned from Zhang Hu, that secret disciples have a chance to go visit their relatives upto three times in a year, can apply at any time to Elder Sun, and beg him to use his immortal technique to increase speed for faster travel time.

Wang Lin remembered that his father’s birthday was coming up, so decided to go back, after leaving the yellow-clad youth started walking toward the Elder Sun who was responsible for secret disciples.

Heng Yue Sect has six academy with each academy having five subdivisions, the five subdivisions referring to the five elements, with each having secret disciples. True Disciples and Elders, usually live in the Academy, while fetching water, Wang Lin had often gazed enviously at them, standing outside the Academy, he shouted: “Secret Disciple Wang Lin, seeks Elder Sun.”

A White-clad Young man came out from the Academy, looked at Wang Lin arrogantly before asking: “Are you Wang Lin?”

Seeing the white-clad man, Wang Lin nodded in good faith.

He knows that the Heng Yue Sect disciples are divided by color grades of their robes. Secret disciples can be gray or yellow clad, the yellow color represented that they were eligible to practice immortal techniques. True Disciples based on their respective strengths, from high to low, divided into four colors namely – purple, black, white and red.

The White-clad young man looked over Wang Lin coldly, before returning back into the academy, Wang Lin also expressionlessly tried to keep pace with him.

Walking in the Academy, soon, he was brought next to a flower garden, the white-clad young man lazily said: “Master Sun, a Secret disciple has come to see you.”

With that, he stood casually.

A hoarse voice came from the garden: “You may go, Secret disciple come in”.

White-clad young man chuckled before leaving.

Wang Lin felt quite nervous, he opened the garden gate, and went in when suddenly a rich aroma assaulted him, looking back at the garden gate he wondered why he couldn’t smell the aroma standing just outside the garden.

“What are you doing just standing there, not even going to say your name?” A complaining voice came out from a room located in the corner of the garden.

Wang Lin hastily respectfully said: “Secret Disciple Wang Lin, greets Elder Sun, tomorrow is my father’s birthday and I want to go home.”

“Your name is Wang Lin?” It’s you huh, Well, in order to Xiuxian one must cut off his connections with the mundane mortal world, if you are so worried about earthly things, you would never be able to become a Saint!” Rebuked the hoarse voice.

Wang Lin frowned, but said: “Secret Disciples do not learn any immortal techniques, how can we Xiuxian?”

The Elder remained silent for a while, after a while said impatiently: “This is valid for three days, stick it to your legs and it will greatly increase your speed for upto a thousand miles but can be used twice only.” With that said, a seemingly plain looking yellow paper wafted from the window of the room and gently falling near Wang Lin.

Wang Lin picked up the treasure in his arms, he knew from Zhang Hu that all secret disciples who  were to return home  were given this immortal talisman, the Heng Yue Sect’s objective was very simple, to show off the immortal talisman thereby attracting more children to their admission tests.

In fact, this Immortal talisman was of very poor quality, having only a single advantage which is simplicity of usage, as it could be used merely by sticking it to one’s legs. For mortals, it had the effect of increasing speed.

However, among the true disciples many people greedily accumulate them, because it is said that they may receive something in exchange for it at the Foreign Trade fair, as far as secret disciples, it is even more valued, and many people collect them, even using the excuse of visiting relatives to accumulate several.

Once out of the academy, Wang Lin walked towards his home, where he picked up his luggage, said goodbye to Zhang Hu and started descending the mountain.

It was a star-studded night, Wang Lin intended to walk the next day, not wanting to use his immortal talisman, but at the same time fearing being late for his father’s birthday, in the end decided to leave in the night.

As soon as Wang Lin left, in the academy, Elder Sun pushed open the door to prepare to gather some herbs, was startled all of a sudden he looked to see that near the garden gate several blue lines had formed in the grass and the grass itself had withered.


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