Xian Ni Chapter 10 – Entering the Sect

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The Red-faced Old man frowned and dissatisfied he said: “Elder Li, Has our Heng Yue Sect really degraded to such an extent? That we make an exception out of concern for a mortal’s life or death?”

Elder Li opened his eyes, and said coldly: “Elder Ma, the Head has personally asked me to handle this, and so I hold full responsibility for this action, if it is not handled properly, this useless kid will really commit suicide again, the news of that will spread to his parents who will say that Heng Yue killed their child, causing us embarassment, would you not find that degrading? Will you take responsibility? If you are ready to take, then I can leave this matter for you to handle.”

The middle-aged man quickly tried to mediate: “Well, we don’t need to quarrel over such trivial things, just accept this kid as a secret disciple, and if after ten years he is unable to Xiuxian then we send him back, this way we can avoid further trouble, wouldn’t it be great?”

Brocade gown wearing old man on the side suddenly side: “If other rejected kids start imitating him then what would we do?”

The Middle-aged man chuckled and said: “That would be easy to handle, after this matter, we also developed some countermeasures, after all the tests are done the failed children will be gathered and the thought of not committing suicide will be planted in their minds by means of divine technique.” [TLNote: Translation is doubtful but they might be either planning to brainwash the kids or just gently persuade them away, so take the above translation keeping that in mind.] As for Wang Lin, since it has reached such a stage, just accept him anyways a secret disciple doesn’t matter much.”

In addition to Elder Li, the other two Elders looked at the middle-aged man but said nothing.

The Middle-aged man smiled inwardly and thought: “Wang Lin, Ah Wang Lin, how could I not help you, after your Fourth Uncle gave me such  a big lump of highly pure iron, it would have been impolite to refuse but it is certainly strange that a mere mortal could get his hands on such fine material.”

However, the Middle-aged man did not know, that Wang Lin’s Fourth Uncle had bought that piece of iron from a blacksmith purely by chance, his discerning eye could feel that it was certainly extraordinary, and gave it away in order to ensure that Wang Lin gets accepted as a Heng Yue Sect disciple, but as to the true value of it being a treasure he didn’t realize it.

A piece of fine iron, changed the fate of Wang Lin, and when the news reached him, he could not believe that he had actually been accepted as a secret disciple.

Two days later, his parents were sent back by Heng Yue Sect disciples, looking at his parent’s excited faces, Wang Lin couldn’t help but rejoice inwardly at the thought that he would finally be able to become a Saint.

However such notions disappeared soon, as after his parents were sent back, Wang Lin was called to the Secret Disciple’s specially arranged work house, a shifty-looking yellow clad Youth started at him contemptuously, and laughing he said: “So, you’re the one who became a Secret disciple by suicide?”

Wang Lin looked at him but remained silent, the Youth sneered and said: “Boy, starting tomorrow sunrise, you will be reporting to me, your job is to carry water if you aren’t able to carry upto 10 vats in a day then you would not receive food for that day,  if you fall short seven days in a row, I will report you to the Elders who will excommunicate you from the Sect. Take these clothes, remember, secret disciple only wear these grey clothes, only after becoming a true disciple will you get clothes of other colour.” Then, he impatiently handed Wang Lin a set of clothes, then sat back closing his eyes, no longer paying attention to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin picked up his clothes, and asked: “Where would i be living?”

Youth casually said without opening his yes: “Go North, you will see a row of small houses, there a disciple wearing yellow will arrange a room for you.”

Wang Lin then turned around to walk toward north, after he had left, the Youth opened his eyes and contemptuously said: “Relying on suicide to join, he is trash indeed.”

Walking in the Heng Yue Sect, the majority of the disciples Wang Lin saw were dressed in grey robes, seemingly in a hurry, pale faced and cold, holding several kinds of tools in their hands and looking slightly tired.

After walking north for quite a while, Wang Lin finally saw a row of short houses, here more grey disciples could be found than anywhere else, but they were still minding their own business rarely talking to each other.

Wang Lin found the yellow clad disciple who didn’t say a word, instead just directly pointed him to a house.

Wang Lin was also used to everyone giving such cold response here, walked toward the house, pushed upon the door and saw a large room, two beds,  a desk, everything was very clean and almost new like.

He chose a seemingly, unoccupied bed, put down his luggage and just laid down on his bed thinking, although he is admitted as a Heng Yue Sect disciple but instead of practicing immortal techniques, remembering the words of the Youth earlier, apparently his job was to carry water.

Thinking so, he sighed loudly, he touched the stone bead that he had tied with a rope to his bosom, this treasure was what he cared about the most, Wang Lin had read a lot of stories, where great treasures can arouse jealousy and tempt even an innocent man to commit a crime, so he decided to not let anyone know that he had this treasure. [TLNote: You might remember me referring to the stone bead in one of the earlier chapters as Baobei, I have decided to use it’s literal meaning of treasure instead of using the pinyin}

Soon after, night fell, a frail grey robe wearing teenager looking exhausted pushed open the door to walk in, he saw Wang Lin is startled, cautiously sized him up but soon thereafter no longer paying attention, lethargically plopped on his bed and fell asleep.

Wang Lin didn’t care, he knew that he had to get up early, touching his belly, he pulled out some sweet potatoes from a package, these were prepared by his parents when they initially set out to find Wang Lin and had left the remaining for him to consume.

After taking a few bites out of the sweet potato, the boy lying on the opposite bed suddenly moved, stared at the sweet potate and swallowed back his drool before whispering: “Can you give me a piece?”

Wang Lin immediately took a few and threw them onto his bed: “I have a lot of them, if you want to eat more.”

The teenager immediately grabbed the sweet potate before hungrily devouring it, then ran to the table next to the bed to drink a glass of water, before exclaiming: “Damn, I had not eaten for a whole two days, Thank you man. By the way, what’s your name?”

Wang Lin told his name to the teenager, who was stunned speechless before saying: “Ah, so you are the Wang Lin that relied on suicide after being rejected from Heng Yue….” saying so he let out a small chuckle: “Dude, my name is Zhang Hu, to tell the truth, in the sect there is almost no one who does not know of you, please don’t mind what I just said, actually I admired you when I first heard that you using such an approach actually succeeded in getting in.”

Wang Lin smiled, made no excuse and simply handed over some more sweet potatoes.

Zhang Hu quickly picked them up, after eating a few bites, said: “Wang Lin, you better take care of yourself, you have just newly arrived and do not know that yellow weasel makes us do all the dirty chores like carrying water,etc. You will come to know tomorrow, fuck his mother, he doesn’t even see us Secret disciples as human beings.”


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