Xian Ni Chapter 7 – Leaving a Letter

ObligatoryTLNote: Grateful for all the input and everyone linking this site…. pretty much everywhere, I am still new to this so I appreciate you all helping me out in getting this site to the intended audience. Anyways, hope you enjoy this chapter just as much as I did MTLing it.

“That’s right, Fourth Brother, you gave the quota to Lao Er’s son, who we think was unworthy of it, that kid Wang Zhuo is right and perhaps if it had been your kid, he might really have become Heng Yue Sect Disciple” Tie Zhu’s father fifth younger brother says from the side.

Wang Zhuo smugly added fuel to the fire: “All of this is a result of their family’s own actions, My father and I had tried to convince them earlier, but they ignored, they are a family of donkeys who have now hit the wall with nobody to blame”

Wang Hao could no longer bear this and said: “Tie Zhu, he…..”

Before he could finish, Wang Hao’s father glared at him fiercely, in response, Wang Hao sighed in sluggish tone and no longer interrupts.

Tie Zhu’s Fourth Uncle sighed secretly and said with a heavy voice: “If anybody raises this issue again, then I will personally deal with him, the fact Tie Zhu was not selected can only be blamed on bad luck and nothing else, Tie Zhu, you must not take this to heart, why not come along with me on my journeys, your Fourth Uncle couldn’t have a say in whether or not that Saint accepts you as a disciple, but as far as martial artists in the Jianghu are concerned, your Fourth Uncle has a good reputation so I can get you into the top mortal martial sects in the Jianghu, at that time you and your younger brother (TLnote: Referring to Fourth Uncle’s son here as the younger brother) can go enter the sect together, I had already planned to send him to gain experience as a martial artist in Jianghu.” [TLNote(Source Wikipedia): The “jianghu” (江湖; lit. “rivers and lakes”) refers to a community of martial artists. The jianghu is made up of several martial artists who are usually congregated in sects, clans, disciplines and various schools of martial arts.]

Wang Zhuo hearing this , started laughing and contemptuously said: “Tie Zhu, you should go along with Fourth Uncle like he said, perhaps when others hear that you were rejected as an immortal sect disciple, maybe they would admit you.”

Wang Lin slowly raised his head, with grim eyes took a glance at the mocking relatives surrounding him, his eyes finally settled on Wang Zhuo said in a single breath: “Wang Zhuo listen, I Wang Lin in this life shall absolutely enter Immortal Sect, and as for you and your father and all those who were mocking my family, I will remember each and everyone of you.”

Wang Zhuo sneered, was about to mock once more, when Fourth Uncle frowned, and started shouting at Wang Zhuo: “Little Bastard, you motherfucker can only talk big, I will beat you until you become a cripple, by the time I am finished with you, you will have turned into an idiot, then let’s see if the Saints still accept you.”

Wang Zhuo’s father’s face changed colour, immediately rushed to his son’s side and said: “Lao Si, how dare you!”

All the relatives were watching with a sneer on their face enjoying the scene develop,

Tie Zhu’s fourth uncle laughed as a cold light flickered in his eyes said in a low tone: “Oh? Eldest Brother, Are you saying that I can’t dare to do so?”

Tie Zhu’s father quickly stepped forward to grab his fourth brother and worriedly said: “Lao Si, listen to me, you have a wife and kids at home, You went so far to stand up for your worthless second brother, I would remain grateful to you my whole life. Lao Si, come give me a ride back and together with your sister-in-law and Tie Zhu, let us go home.”

Tie Zhu’s Fourth Uncle stared at Wang Zhuo’s father and sneered, then took a deep look at his second brother’s face. and nodded. Together with Tie Zhu and Tie Zhu’s parents, he left the Clan Manor.

Even from far away, Wang Lin can still hear faint voices of his relatives mocking voices emerging from the yard.

Sitting in his fourth uncle’s wagon, the whole family was returning together

There was a silence in the Wagon, Tie Zhu’s father secretly sighed, to say that he was not disappointed would be false, but Tie Zhu is his son after all, he sighed grimly to say: “Tie Zhu, when your father was driven out, I was depressed just like you, but I persevered and didn’t lose hope, so you should listen to your father, and start studying to prepare for next year’s exams and if you don’t want to study you can go out with your Fourth Uncle on a trip to relax.”

Tie Zhu’s mother looked lovingly at her son, consoling him: “Tie Zhu, you must not do anything silly, you are my only son, if something happened to you I would lose my will to live, oh my child, you have to be strong.” she said so with her tears streaming down her cheeks.

Wang Lin looked at his Father and Mother, nodded and said: “Father, Mother, don’t worry, I won’t do anything stupid, I have a plan and you don’t need to worry about it.”

Tie Zhu’s mother picked him up in her arms and whispered: “Ah Tie Zhu, everything is finished, I never wanted such a thing to happen

In his mother’s warm embrace, Wang Lin’s soul showed signs of gradually healing, being too tired physically and mentally coupled with the up and down motion of the carriage, he soon fell asleep.

He had a dream, he dreamed of becoming a Saint, of flying in the sky along with his parents……

Late at night, Tie Zhu woke up, looked around to see a familiar room, sighing loudly he further strengthened his resolve. Leaving his room, he took a deep glance at his parent’s room, took up a pen and wrote down a letter for his parents, packing enough ration to last a while, he left home.

“The road to immortality, I won’t give up, I must try once again to become a Heng Yue Sect Disciple! Even if I am rejected, can also enquire where other Immortal Sects are located.” Wang Lin with firm resolve in his eyes, left the village.

At this time, Moonlight was shining brightly drawing behind Wang Lin a long shadow, very long shadow……

Three days later, Wang Lin walking on remote mountain roads, when he was being carried by Zhang Xing in his arm pit, he could vaguely make out the general direction to the Sect

to be in the east, inspite of all the weeds which had made numerous cuts on his legs, Tie Zhu persevered forward.

A week later, Tie Zhu had wandered deep into the forest, fortunately in that area not many carnivorous beasts resided, nevertheless Wang Lin moved along cautiously and finally standing atop an isolated hill, he could see the familiar mist-shrouded mountains far away.

At this time, he was completely worn out and sat down there to take out his dry ration to start eating. As he was taking a few bites, watching the Heng Yue Sect’s mountain, he suddenly could hear a wild beast’s panting very close to him, Wang Lin’s hair stood up and his face grew pale as he slowly turned around.

A huge White Tiger with blood-red eyes and drool forming near the corners of his mouth glistening like dew, he landed on the ground near him making a *PATA* *PATA* sound.

Tiger roared and leapt towards him, Wang Lin with a bitter smile on his face, did not hesitate and jumped off the cliff, with the wind blowing strongly as he fell, Wang Lin could not help but recall his parent’s eyes and his relatives’ mocking words.

“Father, Mother, your son couldn’t fulfill his duty toward you, Farewell.”

There were many branches growing on the side of the cliff, which had grown into a jagged clutter, Wang Lin’s speed was broken down by these branches successively, and as he reached around the middle of the cliff, suddenly a strong suction force appeared.

Wang Lin was involuntarily pulled by this suction which pulled him into a cave in the cliff wall that was like a small slit in the cliff, Wang Lin was feeling drowsy as his body was being pulled along in the air, but soon the suction force disappeared and he fell down on the ground.

After recuperating for a while, he struggled to get back up again, his clothes were scraped and tattered due to hitting branches, his body was scarred, and his right arm was hurting really bad as it had swelled up. His body ached and pain came in like tides, large drops of sweat formed all over as he cursed because touching his body he couldn’t tell whether his bones had fractured or not but apparently when he hit the wall of the cave a while ago, he suffered great injury.


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