Xian Ni Chapter 5 – The Return

Obligatory TLNote: Double Release Banzai!!!! No seriously, I believe I said whatever I needed on the reddit post so i will keep this short. I am really grateful to you all readers for pointing out errors and giving feedback in general. They mean a lot to me. Also, my style of translation switches a lot between literal and liberal translating. Only time will tell if my approach yields good fruit or not. Anyways, let me know if you find the TLNotes excessive, obnoxious, helpful or irrelevant. I tend to go overboard with them sometimes but it is really hard stopping myself from making comments here and there. Not going to detain you any further, enjoy the read.


Out of eleven people, none was ultimately qualified, a Young girl similar to Wang Lin was able to walk till two metres remaining from the door, but in the end she too was pushed back.

After the test concluded, the youngsters were dismissed to the foot of the mountain, where they were sent off back to their families one by one by Heng Yue Sect Disciples, Wang Lin was to be return with a disciple named Zhang Xing along with Wang Zhuo and Wang Hao.

“Brother Wang Zhuo, congratulations on your becoming Martial Master’s Disciple, your future is now limitless.” Youth smiled shaking Wang Zhuo’s hands.

Wang Zhuo with an arrogant expression on his face, proudly said: “It is natural, Master has asked me to come home to take care of the mundane affairs and once I get back I will be taught how to XiuXian”

Wang Hao who was standing on the side, said: “I have always hated that arrogant and vile face of yours, even if I am not Master’s disciple, what’s the big deal, at least I can get to learn how to concoct Liandan. “

Wang Zhuo looked contemptuously at Wang Hao, eventually ignoring him and instead looked toward Wang Lin who had been silent until now, and smilingly said: “Tie Zhu, I had told you already that you were not cut out for this but you and your father didn’t believe, and now you know the result.”

Wang Lin looked up and glanced lightly at Wang Zhuo before turning to the Heng Yue Sect Disciple and saying: “ShangXian, my parents are waiting for me, please hurry up and send me back faster.”

Wang Zhuo saw Wang Lin ignoring him and sneered: “You country bumpkin, you are better off becoming a carpenter just like your father.”

A faint smile could be seen on Zhang Xing’s face while he was looking at the three youngsters infront of him, but he remained silent, merely rolling his sleeves, picked up the three and disappeared from the Heng Yue Sect Entrance.

On the way back, flying in the air like the previous time, but Wang Lin’s mood has a difference of heaven and earth. The previous time, he was full of expectations, but this time, he was full of despair.

A little while later Wang Clan’s house comes into vision Wang Lin opened his eyes From afar, he could see the clan house lit up in celebration bright lights and a lively atmosphere with banquet tables numbering far more than when his father had organized the feast at the village. Carpet was laid down covering the whole yard.

All members of the Wang Clan, even the lumber merchants having links with Wang Clan were present, seemingly gathered there for a celebration Drinks were in full swing and the place was buzzing with activity.

The Banquet was seemingly lead by three people The Eldest brother Wang Tian Shui, Wang Tian Shui and his younger brothers, were surrounded by all the relatives who had come to celebrate, it was un unusual spectacle of noise and excitement.

Envy could be seen in their eyes without exception, while they mouthed flattery using flowery speech especially for Wang Lin’s father who was sighing incessantly remembering his past sadness.

“Second Brother, Your kid will certainly be selected and after that you would no longer need to do carpentry, just don’t become a grumpy grandpa who stays at home and shouts at everyone, eh” [TLNote: This was a very weird sentence, and probably mistranslated] Wang Lin’s father had six younger brothers A potbellied middle-aged man loudly exclaimed

“Lao Er, even i can see that your past is by no means ordinary, but you devoted your life for Tie Zhu, and Tie Zhu becoming Saint, with you as his father, that certainly is extraordinary.” Wang Tianshui’s uncle sitting besides Wang Lin saying so raised a toast.

“Second Brother, your kid Tie Zhu and mine, both will definitely be selected, us brothers haven’t met each other for more than a decade, so this time we should absolutely not go return without drinking together” exclaimed Wang Tianshui’s third brother and Wang Hao’s father holding a glass and smiling.

Tie Zhu’s father looked around at all the relatives who had looked down upon him, felt elated as years of sadness was swept away, but the big boulder in his heart remains.

“Ah, Tie Zhu must get selected”

“Second Sister-in-law, you have enjoyed the happiness of life along with my second brother, even in our surrounding villages who can possibly not know you, eh.

“Truly, Second Sister-in-law, your kid has more skill than my son, Tie Zhu is really smart and a good boy.”

“Tie Zhu’s mother, although we are of the same family, nowadays there are many cosanguine relatives who have married, my daughter is unmarried and has come of age, Tie Zhu is handsome too and i like him, so why not we tie the knot between the two?”  Like Tie Zhu’s father, his mother is also surrounded by a group of female relatives who were enthusiastically indulging in idle village chatter.

Wang Zhao’s father was looking at all this indifferently, secretly desirous for the Saint to come and deliver the news that Tie Zhu is not selected so that he could see the look on his second brother’s face.

While thinking this, he laughs on the surface, and taking up the glass promises a few words to relatives surrounding him praising his kid.

It’s a spectacle of noise and excitement. Just then, a rainbow drops from the sky and lands in the big yard, dissipitating to reveal four silhouettes.

Everybody quiets down, among all the Wang Clan members gathered there, nobody dared to speak.

The Heng Yue Sect Disciple looked around, secretly sighed, he knew that on this day, the villager residents were supposed to be celebrating the acceptance of the three kids into Heng Yue Sect, taking a deep glance at Wang Lin, felt mixed feelings all of a sudden realizing that he will have to come face to face with things which even adults would have difficulty facing.

“He has a ruthless path ahead of him….” The Disciple shook his head, and set up his sword to leave.

“A Monk cannot have earthly desires, you each handle his own affairs, I will come back to pick you up three days later.” His voice resounded from far.

Tie Zhu’s father seeing the Saint leave, immediately rushed out excitedly to his son and asked: “Did the ShangXian take you in as disciple?”

Wang Zhuo complacently with a proud look on his face, said: “It is natural, Master said that within ten years, I will become the head of the disciples.”

Wang Zhuo’s father was overjoyed, patted his son’s shoulders heavily and laughing he said: “Good! Wang Zhuo after you become a Saint, our Wang clan’s name will become immortal too, haha.”

Wang Hao’s father carried an anxious expression on his face, staring at Wang Hao, he was about to open his mouth to ask, when Wang Hao yawned and proudly said: “Do not bother asking, your son is already a Heng Yue Sect Disciple.”

Wang Hao’s father was ecstatic, picked up his glass and drank fiercely, Wang Zhuo who had an arrogant look on his face, said contemptuously: “Third Uncle, you gave birth to a good son, he caused the Wang clan to lose face, he bribed the Saint in front of everyone and barely qualified to become his helper”

Wang Hao pricking his eyebrows, said in ridiculing tone: “I am happy, want to know why, because when the time comes the spiritual strength will determine who caused the Wang Clan to lose face.”

Tie Zhu’s father saw his son bearing a downcast expression, was shocked and immediately felt an ominous foreboding.

“Tie Zhu, What……What about you?” Tie Zhu’s mother asked expectantly.


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