Xian Ni Chapter 4 – Heartless

Obligatory TLNote: Without further ado, here’s the second chapter in the double release, Enjoy!

The Stone steps were uneven on both sides, posing dangers on both flanks and the slightest mistake will cause a person to stumble and fall.

Approximately half a day had passed, Wang Lin’s legs felt like lead, and he was covered with sweat, as he was out of breath and found it difficult to move, when he was at the bottom of the mountain he didn’t found the stone trail to be long but when he actually started climbing, he felt like it was neverending and could not help but feel despair from the bottom of his heart.

In front of him a dozen able bodied youngsters were also slowly climbing out of breath. Until now, nobody had given up.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth, he knew that this is his last chance, he carried his parent’s expectations deep in his heart, when suddenly, he felt a boy behind him who was trembling made a false step, and he started falling at which point he let out a piercing panic-stricken cry.

“I give up, Help!”

Everyone stopped at once and looked down and saw a flash of black light, out of nowhere a Heng Yue disciple dashed out and caught the falling youngster mid-air and gently carried him to the foot of the mountain.

Wang Lin grew pale but silently and carefully continued climbing upward as time passed, two days later he could no longer see the shadows of the two dozen youngsters who had been in front of him.

Wang Lin did not know how many had given up till that time, in the end all he knew that he must not give up, even though blisters formed on his hand and feet which were giving out burning sensation, but he still kept on climbing along taking support of his hands.

“Youngsters have firm resolutions, but how can they deal with this ruthless road, just futile, futile…..” letting out a long sigh, floating down from the top a Yellow clad Middle-aged man [TLNote: Holy crap there are lot of middle-aged men], passed by the youngsters who were climbing up, carrying an expression of sadness.

When he passed by Wang Lin the middle-aged man came to a halt. He saw in front of him a sixteen year old youngster but he is in a really sorry condition. Blood was dripping from various parts of his body, His clothes were soaked in blood, His knees and his toes were badly mangled. He was using both of his hands to climb up slowly. The Middle-aged man let out a sigh and asked: “Child, What is your name?”

Wang Lin had a hazy expression, he had only one thought in his mind. That he will climb to the top even if he dies in the process. He didn’t even hear the question of the Middle-aged man. In his eyes, there is nothing besides the stone path.

The Middle-aged man looks at Wang Lin’s eyes and is moved by the resolve that he sees in them. He puts a hand on top of Wang Lin, then shaking his head, mutters to himself: “Great perseverance but regrettably not enough spiritual energy. No chance Alas, No Chance…..” He takes a deep look at Wang Lin. Continues to walk down the stairs.

The night of the second day Wang Lin with his hands covered in blood climbed the stairs, leaving stains of blood But Wang Lin didn’t realize that, He was pushing his body through sheer willpower reaching his limit and close to death.

Sun rose on the third day He fuzzily saw the end of the stone steps. Unfortunately, at this time an expressionless voice thunderously resounded shocking him to the core.

“Time is up Only three people qualified. The Rest……Failed!”

Wang Lin with a sad smile and bloodied up body, fell on the stairs unconscious.

It was the test taker Black clad Middle-aged man from three days ago, who was standing on top looking at Wang Lin who was less than 50 metres from him, with a ruthless expression.

Heng Yue Sect disciples quickly flowed down the peak, bringing the youngsters on the stairs to the top and giving them medicine.

“Senior, 39 Youngsters attempted the test, 25 of them gave up, three of them qualified and in the end 11 people remained.” Heng Yue Sect female disciple Leng Sheng reported, she had personally experienced the hardships of this test, had practiced martial arts since childhood, barely qualified in perseverance test and had become a secret disciple but even after a decade, still was not able to become a true disciple.

The Black clad Middle-aged man carrying an icy demeanour, nodded slightly and swept his vision across the eleven unconscious youngsters and said lightly: “Take the three qualified to the odd job place and get them sorted out for future work.” The 25 people who had given up are returned to their families. As for the remaining 11 people, when they awaken, they will be gathered and brought to the Sword Spirit Pavillion, to see if they are destined for sword spirit, if not they are to be sent back to their families.

With this, the Middle-aged man glanced at the youngsters once, then walked away.

Three days later, in the Sword Spirit Pavillion, the 11 Youngsters including Wang Lin all stood with pale faces. Although Wang Lin’s physical injuries had healed but injuries to his soul were devouring his mind and body.

This test was not conducted by the Black Clad Middle-aged man, but instead by a strange young man dressed in white, but his eyes too were pale cold and when he looked at the youngsters it was as if he was looking at ants.

“This is the last test, those who are able to enter the room are qualified” Young man’s words were brief revealing his impatience.

Wang Lin saw, an extremely common building, in the middle of which was a open door revealing handful of ancient blades of varying lengths being stored inside.

The Youngsters one by one approached the room, when the first youngster had just gone five metres towards the room, his face started showing signs of struggle and an invisible force pushed him back a few metres.

“Failed, Next!” The White Young man said.

Wang Lin was seventh in line, before him all six had been blown away at the five metre mark unable to move forward, wearing a bitter smile and carrying the remaining last hope in his heart he made his way towards the room.

Upto Five metre, he found no obstruction, Wang Lin’s heart rose in expectation, with his heart racing, he took one more step and had not yet sufered any discomfort.

White Youth makes a startled sound, his eyes revealing a trace of interest, he gently says: “Hey, Do not hesitate, continue to move forward, If you are able to walk into the room and get your Sword Spirit identification then even if you failed test twice, you will be received as a true disciple! “[TLNote: Not sure if Bullcrap but this was how it was written]

The ten other youngsters look on him with faces full of envy, deep envy.

Wang Lin was nervous, his parent’s expectations came to mind again, he starts moving toward the door one metre at a time, and at this moment the door was only three metres further. Wang Lin anxiously, took another step.

At this time, a large swath of power suddenly appears and flocks wildly towards Wang Lin, making his body fly uncontrollably back all the way more than ten metres before stopping.

The rest of the youngsters standing nearby carried mocking expressions in their eyes as in they realized that, Wang Lin just like didn’t stand a chance to get in.

With a sad smile, Wang Lin’s inner wound grew bigger, his parent’s expectant eyes gradually dissipitated from his mind.

Even the White clad Youth regained his cold demeanour, and lightly said: “Failed, Next”


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  1. krokolono March 16, 2015 / 7:03 pm

    Thanks for the chapters, i wonder how it plays out

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    Thank you for your hard work.

  3. Misora March 17, 2015 / 5:45 pm

    Thanks so much! I thought for sure he would’ve passed that last test, so curious as to what happens next!

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    Thank ya very much for the translation translator! Many thanks towards the Author!

  5. jacobpaige April 1, 2015 / 11:33 am

    I think the line you commented on was meant to be something like “Even if you’ve already failed twice, if you pass this test you’ll still be welcomed as a disciple.” Though I am paraphrasing a bit here due to laziness.

  6. JackBJ April 26, 2015 / 2:01 pm

    Dear Translator(s), thank you very much for translating this chapter!
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    “Failed, next!”
    – The End

    This getting old…

    • Shari August 19, 2015 / 6:30 am

      Wow, I’m definitely surprised with the route this novel is currently moving towards! Have this been a typical Xanxia novel, the MC would have either past the test on the first try or on this last time. Yet, Wang Lin’s failure in the last test came as a complete shock to me. Will surely be looking forward to how the author and Wang Lin manage to turn this situation around.

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