Xian Ni Chapter 3 – The Test

Obligatory TLNote: As I said on the Reddit post, I am quite happy with the response that I have received so far, and in celebration of the response, I am making a double release, be sure to check out both chapters.


Wang Zhuo regarded the scene in front of him and froze on the spot, it took him a while to come back to his senses, being arrogant at heart, he didn’t want to admit but even he was at a loss.

At this time, several rainbow coloured swords arrived, when the light dissipitated Heng Yue Disciples could be seen, each without exception followed by fifteen year old children.

There were both male and female children, and at the point of landing, they too had expressions similar to the Wang Lin trio, while Wang Zhuo maintained a blank expression.

The Heng Yue Disciples came together and starting talking with each other while looking at the Children gathered. After waiting for a while, when all those nominated had gathered, the Black Clad Middle-aged man swept his vision over everyone and with a voice devoid of emotion, said: “Out of all of you, only a few will be chosen to become Heng Yue Disciples.”

The Youngsters gathered are startled, Wang Lin also felt nervous as he counted that a total of 48 nominees had come to be tested.

“XiuXian (Cultivation) is reliant on natural talent to become Saint, thus the first test will be to check wither your spirit is sufficient. Now, those whom I point at, are to come one by one ” The Middle-aged man expressionlessly, pointed at a youngster.

With his legs trembling, the Youngster made his way over to the middle-aged man, who placed his hand on the child’s head lightly: “Failed, Stand to the left”.

The Youngster seemingly lost all his strength, with a blank face and a bleak expression in his eyes, he silently moved to the left.

Then the Middle-aged man pointed to another youngster, who uneasily moved forward.




Ten individuals consecutively failed. To the right of the Middle-aged man until now there is nobody.

Wang Zhuo was up next His face full of arrogance, but couldn’t help looking a little pale and stepped forward.

The Middle-aged man put his hand on Wang Zhuo’s head. Suddenly his face lit up. Softly asked : “What is your name?”

Wang Zhuo quickly replied in a respectful tone: “ShangXian, my name is Wang Zhuo”

The Middle-aged man nodded, and said smilingly: “So, you are the boy that Martial Teacher mentioned, well, Wang Zhuo stand to the right.”

Wang Zhuo exulted seeing the envious eyes of the others and walked over the right with arrogance in his eyes, and contemptuosly looked over the crowd as if they were untouchables.

“He’s a lucky motherfucker” Wang Hao curling his lip whispered to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was quite nervous feeling his parent’s expectations, clenched his fists in determination.

“Yes, you go and stand to the right” said the Middle-aged man unable to hide his surprise as the one standing infront of him was a Girl.

Soon, most youngsters had finished testing but only two youngsters were standing to the right of the Middle-aged man. Wang Hao was up next.

Wang Hao trotted toward the Middle-aged man and upon reaching him, without waiting for him to initiate the test, immediately knelt down on the ground hard enough to break, and said: “ShangXian may you enjoy a long lasting life, I am Wang Hao, you have tested so many youngsters you must be tired, perhaps you might want a break? I am in no hurry, it’s ok.”

The Middle-aged man couldn’t help but laugh, he had tested many nervous youngsters but this clever child in front of him wasn’t even the least bit anxious even goes so far as to spout bullshit. Placing his hand on Wang Hao’s head, he shook his head and said: “Spirit is lacking….

Hearing this, Wang Hao immediately felt depressed but before the Middle-aged man could finish his statement, immediately took out a Jade Box, in his hand and said: “ShangXian, this is something which my father happened to find in the mountains, even after several attempts couldn’t get to open, I especially brought this from home so that I could give it to ShangXian.”

The Middle-aged man chuckled and was about to shake his head to refuse, but when he glanced at the Jade Box, his pupils contracted, taking a careful look at the box, suddenly his face lit up: “Ah, this is actually a 300 year old Mushroom, it is sealed by a XiuZhenist no wonder your father couldn’t open it”. With a slightly faltering voice: “I am indeed lacking helper to concoct Liandan, I see that you are a smart kid compared to others, do you want to be my disciple?”[TLNote: Liandan roughly translates to Pill of Immortality but i decided to go with OSTNT approach]

Wang Hao gets excited immediately noticing the subtle change in the Middle-aged man and exclaimed: “Yes, ShangXian I am willing”

Smiling, the Middle-aged man nodded and said: “Even though you are my helper, I won’t treat you unjustly, so go ahead and stand to the right along with other disciples.”

Wang Hao was excited, and triumphantly stared at Wang Zhuo.

All the failed youngsters had pale faces and some had even broken down into tears.

Middle-aged man frowned and shouted: “Take away all those who are crying!”

Standing not far from him, a few Heng Yue Sect disciples immediately grabbed the crying youngsters and disappeared along with their sword light.

Finally, Middle-aged man pointed at Wang Lin

Wang Lin took a deep breath and frantically walked toward the Middle-aged man, his mind going blank and praying silently in his heart, and could not help but recall his parent’s faces.

“I must get selected!” Wang Lin thought resolutely.

The Middle-aged man placed his hand and uttered a word that made Wang Lin’s blood go cold.


Wang Lin lost all sense of direction, in his ears he could only hear a booming thunder and a rumbling sound of the echo of the word which the Middle-aged man had just spoken.

Soon, everyone had finished testing, only three people were standing on the right, those three in the eyes of the losers seemed insurmountable and immensely tall.

Wang Zhuo looked at Wang Lin even more contemptuously, fully expressing his ridicule.

“For XiuXian a strong spirit is necessary, but will and perseverance is even more important. An ordinary youngster with perseverance can become a Secret Disciple! [TLNote: Think of it as second chance given to those who failed first test] The Second Test is Perseverance!” Middle-aged man expressionless as always, paused and said: “You all will start from the bottom of the steps and will have to reach the top within three days, those who accomplish will be qualified and those do not will be returned to their respective families. If you are unable to carry on mid way then you just have to shout and someone will come to take you away.”

Saying so, the Middle-aged man turned to the three selected, and said: “You all come with me to see the Master, the time to meet will be decided by Master himself, Wang Hao you come with me to Dan Fang and familiarize yourself with it ” [TLNote: See Glossary for Dan Fang]

Middle-aged man after saying this, took the three selected youngsters and disappeared into the mountain.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, his eyes full of determination, without hesitation moved on to prepare for the second test of Perseverance.

Removing the three selected and the six who were taken out because of crying, upto 39 youngsters were left outside.

Among these 39 Youngsters, while being disheartened, a resolute expression could be seen on their faces as they gradually embarked on the steps, as if setting out on their road of destiny.


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  1. ryuketsu March 31, 2015 / 4:38 am

    Thank ya very much for the translation translator! Many thanks towards the Author!

  2. jacobpaige April 1, 2015 / 11:25 am

    In a western novel (or most modern Japanese stories), this would be where the mc gets all the kids to band together and overcome the test. But since this is Xianxia, I’m gonna guess that its every kid for him or herself.

  3. JackBJ April 26, 2015 / 1:55 pm

    Dear Translator(s), thank you very much for translating this chapter!
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      There is no Tie Zhuo only Tie Zhu it is a nickname for our MC Wang Lin

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