Xian Ni Chapter 2 – Saints

Obligatory TLNote: So, the first chapter was a pain due to it’s length but I believe the coming chapters are much smaller in length and shouldn’t trouble me as much. Nevertheless, I can’t guarantee a release schedule. Chapters will be released as and when ready (or i have free time). I would like to remind you, that if any experienced (or even newbie) Chinese translator wants to take over the series I wouldn’t mind in the slightest (So notice this web novel already Translator-sempai).

The Wagon gallops along the road, Wang Lin’s body keeps bumping up and down due to the potholes on the road, with folded hands and his parent’s expectations nestled in his heart, he leaves the village he had lived in for 15 years.

The Destination of the journey not close to the village, Wang Lin fell asleep and lost sense of time until he was gently pushed. Opening his eyes he saw, Fourth Uncle smiling at him, who quips: “Tie Zhu, leaving the house for the first time, what do you think, Eh.”

Wang Lin was aware that the carriage had stopped, he smirks: “Didn’t have time to think about that, I was more worried about whether the Saints will take me in or not.”

Fourth Uncle, with a laugh clapped Tie Zhu on the shoulders, and said: “Okay, no need to think too much, this is your Fourth Uncle’s house, go and rest and in the morning I will take you to our clan.”

After getting off the coach, Wang Lin sees in front of him a tile-roofed house, follows Fourth Uncle to a room where he sat down on the bed, but Wang Lin could not catch any sleep. In his mind, scenes of his parents, relatives and village folk passed, he sighs as being taken in by the Saints was more important.

Time passed and soon, dawn broke and Sun rose gradually, Wang Lin although couldn’t get much rest in the night, but he was abundant in spirit. With a trace of apprehension, he followed Fourth Uncle to the Clan Mansion.

This was the first time Wang Lin saw such a dazzlingly big house, Fourth Uncle walking alongside him sighed and said: “Tie Zhu, you must make every effort to succeed, do not let your relatives get the opportunity to mock.”

Wang Lin grew even more nervous, but bit his lower lip and nodded nevertheless

A moment later, Fourth Uncle leads Tie Zhu to the large courtyard in the center of the house, Tie Zhu sees his father’s elder brother standing in the yard, who upon seeing Tie Zhu nodded slightly and said: “Tie Zhu, Saint will come, so don’t make a fuss, see your brother Wang Zhuo and try to act accordingly.

These last few words were spoken with a harsh tone.

Wang Lin remained silent. Carefully observed his surroundings In addition to Wang Zhuo found another youth standing beside him who had a dark skin complexion Looked dignified and strong. His eyes revealed hints of intelligence. Something was bulging within his clothes as if he was concealing something [TLNote: Not a Phallus Joke].

He saw Tie Zhu looking at him and made a face at him. The Dark skinned youth runs over to hin and asks: “You are my Second Uncle’s son right My name is Wang Hao.”

Wang Lin chuckled. Nodded.

The old man notices that Tie Zhu is unexpectedly not paying attention to him and gets irritated as a result. Was just about to scold him.

At that moment, Suddenly the clouds in the sky started fluttering. A Sword made of light broke the air and came like a lightning. After the light dissipitated, A white clothed youth was standing on the ground.  The youth’s eyes are bright and piercing  and he exudes an elegant aura. He has an icy demeanour He looks at Tie Zhu and his vision sweeps over all the three children. Especially at the child with clever eyes and having something bulging hidden beneath his clothes. Asks coldly: “Are they the three nominees from Wang Clan?

“This is a Saint?” seeing the White Clothed Youth, his heart started beating like crazy, his face grew pale and he could just blankly stare at the Youth.

The Dark-skinned Clever youth seeing the youth, had placed his both hands near the trousers, having a respectful demeanour while his eyes carried a fanatical expression

Only Wang Zhuo carried a casual expression, paying no heed to the others, snorted.

Wang Zhuo’s father stepped forward hastily, and respectfully stated: “ShangXian these three are indeed the ones nominated by Wang Clan.”

The Youth nodded impatiently and asked: “Who is Wang Zhuo?”

The Old man carrying a happy expression quickly pulled Wang Zhuo and said: “ShangXian, this is my child, Wang Zhuo.”

The Youth took a long look at Wang Zhuo and nodded: “Wang Zhuo is indeed talented, not surprising that he as strong ability to follow the road to becoming a Saint, no wonder the Martial Master took a liking to him.”

Wang Zhuo arrogantly looked at Tie Zhu and Wang Hao, and said: “It is natural, in order to become a Saint, one must cultivate a strong spirit.”

White Clad Youth frowned but it quickly disappeared, a faint smile could be seen on Wang Zhuo’s face, he rolled his sleeves and carrying the three children, he left the place leaving behind a rainbow.

Fourth Uncle looked up at the sky: “Ah, Tie Zhu must be selected!”

Wang Lin felt his body becoming light and strong winds blew against his face, looking closer he was shocked to find himself caught in the armpit of the White Clad Youth, moving at a fast speed through the sky with the village appearing like a small dot.

Even in this instant, his eyes grew red and tears started forming.

“Unless you three want to go blind, close your eyes” said the White Clad Youth coldly. Wang Lin shocked hearing this, quickly closed his eyes and did not dare to look again while deep within his heart yearned even more for XiuXian (TLN: Cultivation Technique) to become a Saint.

Soon, Wang Lin could hear the panting of the White Clad Youth, who suddenly slowed down and approached the ground for landing. Reaching the ground, the Youth released the three children from his arms and they fell to the ground.

Fortunately, the fall is not heavy and the three children quickly got up. Wang Lin after getting up saw a paradise-like scene unfolding before him with mountains, flowers and rivers, truly an idyllic scene.

Straight ahead, a towering mountain could be seen, thousands of rocks covered in cloud like mist, which conceals the fine appearance of the mountain and the cries of beasts echoes in the air. A path made of twisting steps, snakes it’s way down the mountain, like a painted scenery, picturesque. Evokes the feeling of entering a different world.

Looking up, on the top of the mountain a hall can be seen, albeit obscured a bit by the clouds, but rainbow-like colours twinkles through the clouds which gives rise to holy feelings.

Next to the hall, a silver coloured stone bridge can be seen extending like a crescent moon connecting the peak with another mountain peak.

The natural surroundings are truly wonderful near Heng Yue School. After all, Heng Yue School is an ancient and elite sect. Approximately 500 years ago, it once commanded over the entire Elite XiuZhen world with several smaller branches but unfortunately with the passage of time, several events occurred and the School which once was at Peak has now shrunk to only a marginal size barely holding onto a small foothold in the XiuZhenist world. [TLN: This passage was a pain, so take things with a pinch of salt for there might be inaccuracies]

Nevertheless, the Heng Yue School still remains elusive for mortals far and wide for thousands of miles.

“Brother Zhang, are these the three nominees from Wang Clan?” A middle-aged man dressed in black, having a Saint-like demeanour floated down towards them.

White Clad Youth, respectfully said: “These three brothers are indeed the nominees from Wang Clan.”

The Middle-aged man’s vision swept across the three, but focused intently on Wang Zhuo, “Master knows that your practice is at a crucial point, go cultivate and let me conduct the test.”

White Clad Youth acknowledges and moving along the mountain trail vanishes without a trace.

Wang Lin was staring blankly at the scene unfolding infront of him, full of excitement, when suddenly he felt someone tug at his clothes, it was Wang Hao who said: “This is the place where Saints live, fuck his grandmother, just hurry up and select me already.” Saying so, he touched the bulging object concealed within his clothes [TLNote: Not a Phallus Joke].


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  1. spired March 29, 2015 / 11:15 pm

    is that bulging object going to be long running joke thats going to be repeated through out the series like the pineapple joke in psyched?

    • voidtranslations March 30, 2015 / 9:14 am

      Oh no running joke, it’s just probably foreshadowing for the next few chapters, the mysterious thing showing up as a bulge is revealed at the time of the test.

  2. spired March 30, 2015 / 2:24 pm

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    thanks for translating. your english isn’t perfect, but it isn’t unpleasant to read either.
    i’ll be reading for as long as you feel up to translating.

  5. Rabbit Dog April 22, 2015 / 10:22 am

    wait what. Why did he just say “fuck his grandmother” xD

    • voidtranslations April 22, 2015 / 10:45 am

      Its a common way of swearing

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        I thought it was hinting the bulging thing 😀

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