An ambitious yet cautious beginning

Well, I would like to advantage of this post to outline the general idea that I had in mind when I started with this blog.

It had nothing to do with translation of anything remotely of that sort, but I am appropriating it to that use (Not that it’s relevant to you or anything), but now I believe for the near future, it would be used for the express purpose of furthering awareness of web/light novels, that I feel should be brought to light, either by way of a general recommendation or by way of obnoxiously taking over translation of the same (Not that I am experienced with either of the two).

So, this would be my very first “Project” so to speak, I will be utilizing machine translation combined with a bit of proof-reading along with a handy-dandy dictionary to bring to you a semi-readable/semi-accurate translation/interpretation/paraphrasing/defilement(?) of the web novel concerned. I hope you enjoy the project just as much as I do.

I would be grateful for any and all comments that you might be leaving on reddit or on this blog regarding the quality of the translation/interpretation/paraphrasing/defilement(?) or of the novel itself. Some may ask my purpse in doing this, to which I would reply, to hook in the general masses which should theoretically catch hold of their nearest Chinese Translator (Someone who actually knows the language) in order to give the Web Novel a more accurate and faithful translation.

My first project is “Xian Ni”, I got attracted to it through the manhua translated by OSTNT which I have used as reference on some points and for which no amount of thanks would feel sufficient. With that said, I would be doing each chapter of “Xian Ni” in three parts, this makes it much easier for me to update it at more convenient intervals as compared to the posting the chapter as a whole (Thanks to Bagelson for the inspiration, not that others don’t do it, but i was inspired by Douluo Dalu translations).


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